Needing recommendations

I’ve never owned my own canoe, but am looking to purchase one and need some help directing me to the right boats.

Typically I’m going to use the canoe for paddling streams (no whitewater) and lakes. I may use it to do some overnight trips, and most importantly will be taking my 95 lb golden retriever with me. In addition, i want something that is fishable from.

I also have a cap on price of $1000. I’ve seen an outfitter listing Old Town Discovery 158’s unused for $550…didn’t know if those would work well for me or not. Any other recommendations are welcome.

tandem or solo ?

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the golden won't be much help paddling from inside the boat.
the discovery is a good solid boat with good capacity but they are heavy.

I solo paddle a penobscot 16 it is much lighter than a discovery but the 750lb capacity is still enough for a weekend outing.

Give us the total weight
you will be loading and let us know if you need to keep the weight of the canoe to a certain limit and we can be of more help