new at kayaking

Hi…my husband and I just bought (today) 2 kayaks. He got a synergy 12 (don’t remember who makes it) and I got an excusion made by Old Town. We got these at Bass Pro. I can’t find it on the internet…can anyone help? thanks a lot

answering my question
My husbands kayak, synergy 12 is made by mad river



thanks for the help
Thanks for the help. I did find some synergy reviews, just can’t find any old town excursion info.

Never heard…
…of an OT Excursion. I checked the OT website and they don’t have it listed in the current model.

What are the dimensions of it?

How long, wide, cockpit size? May be able to find what model they designed it off of.

Regardless, it will float and have fun with it.


Different Boat

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The Synergy in the reviews is not the same boat as the "new" Synergy's out now. The "new" Synergy's are similar to a SOT...I think they recycled an old model name.

Also, I think some of the manufacturer's use different names on boats that are sold both through "big box" stores and through professional outfitters (think Chevy Trailblazer and Isuzu Ascender...same car-different nameplate). I remember seeing a couple of kayaks at Bass Pro with a different name on them than what I knew them to be from seeing them at my outfitter's.

I don’t understand
Why do you need to find them on the internet if you can find them in your garage. Now see if you can find them on a lake. That’ll be really cool.

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Just possibly, might even be…
that they have friends and relatives that they’d like to show via the internet what they bought.

Hmmmm, a novel idea…friends.

thanks yall
We took them out tonight to a lake and they were great!!! My excursion is the same as the Loon 120…I called the company…make the excursion name for Bass Pro. Thanks for the ideas!!

The Loon 120 is a nice boat.
Get some flotation for the bow, and the stern if it doesn’t have a dry hatch.