New boat's cool, but stinks!!!!

Think it’s more due to…
…age - and maybe the ant colony that lived in it before I brought it back to life!

Smells more like the Pintail than the QCC. Must use different resins. QCC smells similar to how the Shearwater smelled.

Its All A Matter Of "Taste"
I guess what “stinks” is in the nose of the beholder. I happen to love that smell. Takes me back to the early days of surfing when I would visit the Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point, CA. A chance to enter the shaping / glassing room in the back of the shop, specially when Hobie Alter was there, was like entering a shrine. That smell still conjurs up an image of a wonderful time in my life!

Sorry I have not responed sooner,
I have been out of town sking this last week with my son in Big Sky. All good points. I just hope that the smell doesn’t get in to my camping stuff. When I first got the boat I stuck my head in side the hatches to inspect the work but after a few mins I got a headach from the gases. well it sounds as it in time, it will get better. The Boat ROCKS! Thank you for your time and help, George

Fiberglassed a freezer
Back in the 60’s (1966 or so) my dad glassed over the plastic liner cracking in our outside freezer. It was filled with 30-50 loaves of thrift store bread. The polyester resins tainted the bread to no end. Being thrifty, we ate that stuff anyway, like having fiberglass sandwiches, toast, resinous PB&J. Didn’t hurt us a bit.

Steve. Hope Group House, Funny Farm, NC.