New Canoe Paddle - Suggestions?

I like to make the canoe police cringe
actually used my GP to work on a sliding stroke. In a canoe I had to do that stroke or else just do a standard repertoire of canoeing strokes and ignore 50 % of the GP.

OK, kneeling in a Sport Canoe

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In addition to a Dog Paddle from Marc Ornstein, another mid-priced fav is the Cricket designs Gemini, selecting you blade size to fit @ ~$250.

A more utilitarian synthetic is the Grey Owl-Raven Freestyle, ~$200. Get the thing with the palm grip loose. Dump a 3 oz slurry of epoxy and lead shot in the grip to balance the heavy blade. After that's set up, start cutting shaft to length and evaluating whether you want more weight in the grip. I used Plexus to attach the grip because that was adjacent in the shop, but epoxy will do just fine.

With your hulls skegged stern you might try a bent too. Big bladed if you'll stay with a 30 stroke per minute cadence; Mitchell or Cricket, or if you can maintain a stroke rate of 50 spm or so try a Fox Works or a Zav reinforced for whitewater.

Good prices on Mitchell paddles

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This site has good prices for Mitchell, $110 for the Seneca and $180 for the Surreal:

On edit: $140 for the Touring Special.

Thanks everybody!
I’ll definitely look at all the suggestions, and see if anything catches my eye.

Not sure I’ll ever go composite, though. I’ve tried them, and the feel just isn’t right. Yes, they are lighter, and yes, they can accelerate better in many circumstances, but I don’t like the feel of them - well, I haven’t found one yet that has the feel I’m looking for. I have one composite kayak paddle that I actually do like, but it feels delicate compared to wood. And even that is a longer, narrower blade.

I’ll probably end up with something about 8 inches wide or so, knowing me, but as I said, I’ll look at everything first.

Thanks again!

I ordered
a 58 inch BB Espresso ST. Should have it next week. Really looking forward to giving it a good shakedown at the Willimantic River Fest on the 21st!

And while I was at it, I ordered a new sprayskirt for my CD Caribou as well. The old one leaks too much for using in textured water anymore.

Thanks again, everyone!!!

the BB Expresso ST looks nice !!
… I like the darker color on the black willow .

In some ads for this paddle the color is much lighter (clear ??) … are you expecting the darker looking paddle , is there a choice ??

Best price I’ve seen for it is 107. at OutdoorPlay (free S/H) … how does that compare to where you ordered yours ??

No choice
basically, you get what they sent, so the color is an unknown until I open the bag to see.

I got it for $110 with free shipping.

You ORDERED? without permission …
… from us as to the proper length? Sheesh, that would’ve been good for at least 100 posts.

I’d be interested in your impressions regarding the flexibility of the shaft after you’ve used it a while.