New drysuit - who trims the neck gasket?

I have two Kokatat drysuits–Both a dozen years old. The booties are fabric. One developed a seam leak after a time. I used a little Aquaseal, end of problem. Paddling buddy of mine had same thing occur. He bought his first suit roughly about the time I did mine, so his leak began a good deal after original purchase. He’s somewhat fussy, I’m not. Rather than go the route I did with the Aquaseal, he contacted the company. They sent him a brand new suit seven years after purchase!

Good company. Silly me.:exploding_head:


That’s the deal with Gore-Tex suits. Their lifetime guarantee means exactly what it says.


This may help you before you cut; NRS How to stretch your neck gasket. Good luck!

Yup - NRS doesn’t recommend that you cut. I decided to get my old NRS drysuit fixed so I’ll have a spare or one for folks to borrow. I bought a replacement NRS neck gasket size large. It doesn’t taper as severely as the gasket on my new Kokatat drysuit, and it doesn’t have as many rings to cut. A large NRS neck gasket fits me fine without stretching or trimming. I guess what you do depends somewhat on what you buy.

p.s. - I already trimmed the neck gasket on my Kokatat drysuit - stretching wasn’t going to do it.


Now you be stylin’!

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