New Kayak - Should I get a rudder?

I agree 100% with most of what has been said here … that rudders and/or skegs are very helpful in wind and waves. However, the original post said:
I don’t know that I really need a rudder for the small lake near my house. I think it will track fine since it [Prijon Touryak] is 16.5’. I don’t see me putting it in rough water and the lake is small so shore is always available to hug. Not sure weathercocking will be much of an issue.
For this described use, I’d still skip the rudder and perhaps put the $240 saved toward a nice paddle instead.

I’m not familiar with the Touryak, but just because it is 16.5’, doesn’t mean it will track well. Ever paddled an Anas Acuta? (17’1"). Also, while people often start out intending to never leave their local pond/lake/river, the call of exploring other bodies of water is strong, and eventually most end up paddling elsewhere. Nice to have a boat that is capable of taking you to those places without modification.

Reminds me of a couple who showed up at the rental launch of the Kayak Centre in RI when I worked there with two 10’ rec boats on their car. They wanted to paddle to the “lighthouses” and were quite shocked when I told them the closest lighthouse was a 12 mile open water paddle from the ramp.


I suppose it would be nice to have one boat that’s capable of taking you to all those places you don’t imagine ever going, but if I had one boat for all imagined uses, then my excuse for adding to the fleet is lost. Bummer.

Two, one on front and one on rear. It will turn like a car with 4 wheel steering. :star_struck: