new paddle

so i got a new used old town discovery 16 foot boat for fishing and fun and it is real fun :slight_smile: but my paddles are not good and i have no experience with any others so i was hoping for some advice on what everybody would reccomend for a paddle for fishing mostly.

Paddles not so good
Paddles aren’t so good for fishing. The reach is limited.

I’d recommend a fishing rod, real and lure combination.

tell us what type of paddle you have and why you think it is no good. Then tellus wheather you paddle sitting or kneeling and wheather you like to sit and

switch. Then we could give you responsible info.

Myself I paddle everthing with a Zav bent shaft (7 oz) But realize that is not neededfor some paddlers.

Bending Branch
I have mainly been using a Bending Branch straight shaft paddle. The cheapest one they had at REI. And for a no frills, not too expensive, but still beautiful wood paddle - its been great.

Excuse the advice for added expend-

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itures, but if possible...both a bentshaft(cruising 90% of distance) and a straightshaft(for in-close handling/turning...etc) is ideal....but for one paddle = go straightshaft...however heed baldpaddler's points...kneeling vs sit & switch is a different ballgame.

Start simple
I suggest you start with a basic wooden straight shaft with a modern blade from one of the better paddle makers (as in - not Feather Brand). Get one with a symmetrical pear-shaped grip and a flat blade profile with fine edges. That’s a good all-around design. After using that for a while, you may or may not move on to a bent-shaft or a “traditional” paddle for specific use, but your first good paddle will always be useful.

Couple of examples…

beaver padlle
so my paddle is a beaver brand aluminum paddle with a blade width on 6 inches. rhe main reason i am not happy is when i put the paddle in the water it fills with water you can hear the air escaping from the shaft. i would also think a wider blade would help me paddle a little easier? i padddle both knealing and sitting and i do switch sides as i do not know any other way. thanks for all the help so far.

Water weight.
It will get to you if you paddle long, with water adding weight to the shaft. Plus - that style of paddle (shaft extending into blade) doesn’t lend well to some flat water paddling techniques - particularly those with in-water recovery. A smoother blade profile makes for easier paddling.

This might give you an idea why…

The narrow width can be okay for deep water if the blade is long enough. Shorter, wider blades are best for shallow streams and whitewater. Depending on where you spend your time on the water - somewhere in the middle, you find a good all-around paddle.