Newbie advice... learned the hard way...

Sooo… I’m a newbie to kayaking. I got a Carloina 14 (love it) as a demo boat for $570 (just a few scratches) instead of buying a cheap “starter” pelican boat."

We’ll I did my first “long” paddle, about 11 miles. I was well prepared, sunblock galore on my face, head, neck, shoulders, arms, sides… but I forgot that small area between the kayak sides and my shorts!

Now I have two triangle shaped/ florescent red sun burn patches on each leg! Lesson learned… maybe there should be a first time list of things to remember to do along with a consolodated list of items everyone carries with them in their boats at all times.

That has happened to everyone. We use the small half skirts. They offer sun protection, keep the water drips from rolling down your legs and still provide a little ventilation. We love them.

Through bad experiences we have learned all kinds of little tricks. It would be nice if there was a book like “kayaking for dummys”. I would buy it.

It might be a good item to have under the features tab on this site. We could mail ideas to and if they are good they could put them there for all to see. It would be endless.

I would love a "Paddling for Dummies…"
I would love a “Paddling for Dummies” page. It would save me from sitting here at work with pants on that BURN like the dickens!!!

My wife did that with a 'cross your
heart ’ style batbhing suit. There was a diamond-shaped spot in the middle of her chest that you could see for a couple of years.

Simple solution!
Paddle year round.

I pretty much stay “well done” 365 days a year.

Oops, I almost forgot: you northern folk have to stay bundled up about 300 days a year.



Right Jack!
Some of us have to work so you can still draw your Social Security. That way you can afford to make it to the races to kick our butts like you always do. We are not far behind you though, on the river or in free time. Carry on brother. You are the man!

By the way, we bought that pink Q10. We will get it next week.

Take care,


come to MI in January and I’ll watch you happily paddle in a shorts on the river :wink:

The cloud of “smug” you travel under is getting thick!

consider a spray deck

Is that good or bad ?



Just keep rubbing it in JackL…
You earned it… :slight_smile:

After the first burn…
you start to tan. Get used to odd tan lines from any outdoor sport.

I used to mountain bike a lot. Wore biking gloves with the cut out above the wrist closure. Always had a little tanned half circle on the back of each hand.

Now the inside of my knees are darker than the rest of my legs from sitting in the kayak.

I’ve always had a “farmer’s tan” with darker face, neck, and forearms. Pale everywhere else.

Attractive, isn’t it ladies?

Upgrade to a SOT
and then you can burn more evenly. :wink:


newbie advice
Paddle naked!