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Interestingly enough according to CD’s catalog (page 4) the Squamish is for smaller paddlers than the squall.

Nevertheless, the Squamish specs make it look a bit pudgy:
Overall Length: 15’ 8" (477.52cm)
Width: 23.00" (58.42cm)
Depth: 12.50" (31.75cm)

Cockpit Size:
Length: 29.00" (73.66cm)
Width: 16.00" (40.64cm)

I actually have one, which I haven’t even tried. Typically the Squamish is rotomolded, but not always. Mine is just under 40 pounds, likely carbon fiber.

What do you guys think about these kayaks?

Eclipse Sea-Lion

P&H Outlander Hard to find info on this curio, but apparently it is the predecessor of the P & H Capella.

Cape Horn (nearby)

Never knew CD to name a roto boat and composite hull the same?

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The Sirocco and Gulfstream are a good example of what you are saying. My guess is that this was a one-off special order.


I would be inclined toward the P&H Outlander. It looks to be composite so lighter than plastic. P&H is a well respected company.

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Thank you all for guidance and advice you have given me. I just acquired a Tempest 170 Luckily it was less than an hour away and I think a scored a good deal acquiring it for $500. I am very excited to take her out on the water!


That Tempest 170 looks great and you got an excellent deal.

Good Deal :+1:

That’s a very capable sea kayak. I have a friend that paddles one like yours and an in-law that paddles the composite 17pro version.

I’ll be the negative guy here. I don’t want to be but I’m pretty sure you got in a hurry and bought a boat that’s too high-volume for you. At your height and weight the smaller Tempest is right for you. The 165. Try one. You might want to move the seat back one “bolt hole” to make entering and exiting easier. Why do I think this? Because I’m your size and have owned both boats.


Most of us learn your lesson by buying, using, and reselling (hopefully at about the same price +/- a little). And we learn characteristics of different hulls.

Fear not OP, It only took me about 20 years and some 20 kayaks later to find an ideal sea kayak #1 and shorter sea/river kayak #2. Now searching for an ideal #3 (sea kayak).

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It’s been more than 30 yrs and I’m still looking.

Well don’t leave us in suspense. What are each of those ideal kayaks in their giving use?

LOL…an ideal kayak for each of us is different. To answer your question thought:
#1= NDK Explorer HV in carbon fiber (the open water kayak)
#2 = Dagger Stratos 14L (the Swiss army knife)
#3 = ??? a rotomold sea kayak for paddling areas I do not want to take #1 and as a loaner when friends visit. Maybe a Valley Nordkapp RM, maybe a P&H Capella 160 RM (sold one to get the 166 and much prefer the 160 despite me being physically sized more for the 166), or maybe a P&H Scorpio MV).

Have owned a WS Tempest 170 and CD Sirocco, but they are not on the list for #3 just as the Capella 166 does not suit me long term. All good kayaks, but it’s an individual choice that may not be rational.

PS - great day rolling the Explorer today. Lots (50-70) GP & Euro rolls with a couple buddies. One who just learned how to roll this summer so good to see him continuing to improve in his Dagger Stratos 12.5…not an easy kayak to learn rolling in, but he has a super strong hip snap.

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I’ve looked at the Explorer and the Stratos. Both very good kayaks.

Let me be more positive here… The Tempest 170 is a fine boat and I’m sure you’ll like it. I had one and liked mine. I rented a T165 and right away realized that the 170 was ‘paddling a boat’ and the 165 was ‘the boat is a part of me… I’m wearing the boat’. Again… you’ll like the 170 but might well love the 165.

Just sharing my experience.

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One of the great things about the Tempest line is that they are very popular boats and not difficult to find and/or sell. Paddle the 170 to your heart’s content, and give the 165 a shot when the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for the candid replies. Based on how much I love my relatively small and fast Dagger Vesper Rex is probably right about this boat feeling a bit barge like, once I develop some sea kayaking skills. The 170 is a nice boat and a great vessel to learn on, also higher weight capacity is appreciated for multi day trips.

Yeah, I agree with High Desert. At $500 for the Tempest 170 you’ll have zero problems reselling for what you paid. You can paddle it for free and then if you find a boat you like better buy it and sell the T170. This is what I did and it worked out great. I always had a decent boat to paddle while I searched for one I liked better that was within my budget. It took a bit of patience but I never lost money on any boat I re-sold.

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