"No swimming/wading"--how about rolling?

You Bad
No swimming is allowed at my local drinking supply either but the warden / ranger guy said it was ok to roll. “Just be discrete.” he said.

are you clearing your nasal passages after rolling?

I’m supprised they allow the kayak!

In drinking water reservoirs and probably other water sources that could be risky for humans to be in contact with, one big concern is e-coli. Water experts are becoming increasingly concerned about this health issue. Here’s a link explaining more:


The worst of these little bugs has been becoming more problematic for the last several decades. Regardless of the actual risk governments are getting more cautious of potential risk and liability.

Thats an interesting site.
If you go down to “how do I know my water is safe” you can see all the violations in your water district.

Another interesting


The more I learn about the water we enjoy so much the more connected I feel toward it.

great full-contact paddling demo
I had a chance to watch krousmon for a while on Sunday as I was coming back in from a paddle. He was in a CD Extreme, which is a boat I had once considered buying. I’m now glad I didn’t, as the illustrious Mr. K was having a heck of a time keeping it upright. He’d tip over to one side, then no sooner would he get it back upright that he’d go over the other way. It was a mighty struggle - up, down, up, down, up, down, etc. - but he hung in there. He even paddled that tippy sucker upside down for a bit. By the time I got there, he looked like a drowned rat and was obviously tiring, but he never did give up. I could tell by the look he have my trimaraned Pungos with the carved minicell lazyboy seat that he knew he’d made a mistake getting that skinny little POS, but he was a good sport and never did complain.

I was actually in a full panic…
I looked up and saw a boat with a Duckhead sticker on it approaching fast (looked like a crazed Viking rowing a ramming boat at attack speed.) In my haste to exit the area, I did flip a couple of times and, in my under-water paddling fury, managed to end back upright.

Then I saw it was just Dave (who I’m always happy to paddle with.)

Nice boat Dave.