Noah jeti newbie paddler

Picked up a jeti at a yard sale a week ago. Never been in a kayak . This suitable for pond fishing? Considering mods for rods/cargo. Basic hull design stable enough for manuevering and casting in tight quarters? Baseline resale value? Who sells the skirts?

Never seen this boat but there is a discussion about it.

Little short thing?

Sounds like a white water kayak. Look up Ocoee Rodeo. Does not sound like a fishing boat. There is an article calling it a creek boat and it talks about Perception buying the design and getting rid of it. An antique.

Wife had one many years ago. Short, WW design but very stable. If you’re not looking to cover long distances on flat water, give it a shot. Obviously you wont be standing to cast but may be able to make it work. Try before you modify.

It is classic whitewater kayak designed by Vladimir Vanna and was the first “short”, blunt-nosed boat that many consider the first real “creek boat”. Yes, Bill Masters of Perception allegedly did buy the rights to manufacture but only for the purpose of killing it since it was a serious competitor to the longer, pointier slalom inspired kayaks that he was making at the time.

The Jeti is quite stable but as stevet said, it won’t be fast and tracking certainly won’t be its strong suit. For use on a lake you probably don’t need or want a skirt. If you decide you do you may need to search around or have one custom made as cockpits were much shorter back when that boat was made. I doubt it will have much resale value unless you find someone who wants it for its collector value.

It will be quite stable to sit in,
It is a bare deck so there will not be any way short of a Rube Goldberg approach to mount a fishing rod. But if you can find a way…
The boat will not go straight - WW boats are not supposed to do that. So if you want to paddle a distance to a fishing spot you could find yourself very frustrated. But the older designs like this, in a creeker, do go straighter than ones that are newer. You may have to work on paddling form to make it behave in any wind.

That said as a WW boat it is thicker plastic, designed to hit rocks and not crack, so you hardly have to be fussy with it. As something to just get on the water these older WW boats can serve you well.

check the hull close for UV damage. Many years ago {I think somewhere in the 80’s} I had a AQ Noah and it had a wrong mix of some sort. No UV block. I fixed it every-time I used it, until I just took a hammer to it and it shattered. Completely destroyed by UV rays…it was the same vintage as the Jeti.
{but it was a fun ride!}