non-race efficiency observations, age 74

GIF12 , I’ve been asking for a couple
years now, PLEASE send the paddle back to me to let me cut it down for you. " Cut it down " = reduce surface area of the blades … You will be amazed by the difference.


First I don’t recall you ever asking to ‘cut’ down my Onno wing. Second, I have tried various wings and so far like my Onno best; it fits me fine.

I just prefer paddling with a non-wing (Euro or GP) more than any wing, though the wing allows me to go a bit faster/more efficiently.

Have you considered the Epic 16 or the QCC 600X?

The Epic 16X is a fine boat.
I just got a 2011 in the performance construction two weeks ago and really like it. It fits me great, is impressively maneuverable with the rudder up, the rudder is very effective with very comfortable controls.

Numbers to real world?
I don’t have the answer and while I don’t argue with the numbers I do wonder how big of a difference it makes in the real world at low speeds. I mean, paddling 3-4 mph in just about any boat I’ve ever been in is very easy. If one boat is 8% more efficient at 3mph than another would you even notice it at such low levels of output?

And going by the chart it looks like somewhere between 3 knots (3.5mph) and 4 knots (4.6 mph), a range which I consider a more realistic cruising pace, things start to flip and the shorter boats have more resistance.


I noticed the drag difference at low
speed between my Wenonah Advantage and my 13’8" Curtis Lady Bug. The smaller Lady Bug was less effort at lower speeds than the Advantage.

I’ve noticed the same thing with my 16’ kayaks vs the 13.5’ to 15’ kayaks.

Any data?
At what speed(s). Not doubting you, just curious.


I did paddle a used 16x
a few weeks ago and liked it a lot. I was paddling on smooth, windless water and the 16x glided along very nicely. The foot bar allows the feet to be placed close together which, to me, enhances both paddling efficiency and comfort (I’ve long ago installed foam foot blocks against the forward bulkhead of my Caribou and my Feathercraft Kurrent has a simple crossbar that serves the same purpose). I can’t imagine that the Epic would be as competent in gnarly as the Bou but, like Grayhawk, I feel that my gnarly water days are mostly a thing of the past. The emphasis now is on paddling efficiency and the simple pleasure of the experience. I’ve never owned a ruddered boat and, though I have no prejudices against the use of a rudder, the integral rudder in the 16x appears that it might be more prone to casual damage than a more conventional rudder and I’ve heard that there have been some problems with abrasion of the Spectra rudder cables. Perhaps, if the boat is still available, I’ll arrange another trial paddle in more open waters where I can feel how it handles in wind and choppy conditions.