not paddling, but need advice

go tell him you’re making a citizens
arrest. Confiscate his dope. Send him home for a spankin. Trade his dope for a new boat!

looking at your post again
your sentence sequence was a bit confusing. You first say “you’re only hope is to confront the young man”… why would you write that and THEN say you don’t recommend it, it’s dangerous.

Are you saying the only hope is to do something dangerous?? I disagree. Confrontation is NOT the only means as evidenced by other examples here.

But again, I want to be fair, and not pick a fight based on a misinterpretation.

What exactly are you recommending?

sure kurt :wink:
You go first. I gotcha back.

We’ll approach in drysuits and balaclavas like ninja kayakers, with our paddles held high, knock the drugs,money, and snot out of him, then paddle him. Vigorously.

ff is a true saltie Jersey girl

Pellet guns
Are for punks spraying graffiti on your fence.

If I was going to squeeze the trigger on this moron, I’d use a .308 with a heavy barrel and do it anonymously from 500+ yrds away.

Pedro Almeida

Reach out and touch someone. NM

I know some IL. cops
And chances are they are watching this guy, looking for someone up the food chain. My question would be what is the location of the closest school? This 20 year old will be spending a long time behind bars for dealing close to a school! If you have a school close, next time you talk to the cops, mention it. If they are watching him it will take about a month or two for them to get the info they want. Good luck.

This is where a GP paddle comes in handy. No good for anything else.

had the same problem…
…at a rental property. It was so bad the neighbors were complaining to me about traffic & parking issues. They all knew what was going on. I begged them to call the cops when they saw it happening. They did. I did. I confronted the leaseholder, who did nothing. Had to go through the eviction process to shift the problem to another neighborhood.

This was in a borough with about an 8 officer police force. Their standard reply to all complaints was that it was not their “jurisdiction.”

They referred complaints to the county drug task force, but would add “they are terribly backlogged, and will not take any info over the phone. You must go in, identify yourself & give sworn testimony.”

I’m sure that’s enough to put an end to most well-meaning citizen’s crusades for justice.

This works for me. Better than hunger strike.

also, consider your own protection
Drug sales are often linked to a higher crime rate in the neighborhood. Do you have a security system? Locked windows? You aren’t storing your kayaks in your backyard, are you? You may want to take actino to make sure you are safer in a neighborhood that is now higher risk.

keep things in balance?

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You might see it differently if drug dealing was taking place in front of your home. Drug dealing is a magnet for more violent crime.

You can care for the welfare of the young man while you're laying in bed with a bullet wound, or you can group with neighbors and make a public issue out of this. If the dealer is a first timer he'll hopefully not get trteated as a hard case, but if it were a choice between my safety and well-being it would be an easy choice for me to make.

he already has tipped the balance
by deciding to deal drugs.

And how many young people’s lives is he destroying with his “system”? Depending on what he’s dealing, some of them could be dead. Or wish they were.

Drug dealers create more drug users. They have no morals or mercy about it. Young people, older people, sick people, peeps, siblings. Anyone.

Do not waste good and honorable intentions in reasoning with a dealer until he is behind bars and out of “the game”. Then they might (might) listen, because they are stripped of money & power.

It’s all about money and force. Since a drug dealer can’t be bought off to stop dealing (ain’t enough money in the world for that) the last persuasion left is force.

Not meaning to sound like a know it all. I do have some perspective. I’ve known three drug dealers (not casual ones: Vicodin, medical grade cocaine, crack) and three friends died from overdoses, two heroin, one Vicodin.

Believe me, it never balances out.

thank you
thank you to everyone who took time to offer their insight to my problem. I will be thinking of all of this as I decide what and if I want to deal with this. with it being winter here my family is not out in the yard too often. as nicer weather comes we will be out more so I may let this ride for a bit before I open my mouth too loud. maybe another neighbor will speak up, he will get busted, or the parents may get a clue on their own. again, thank you all for the help.

you’re welcome
many people do care & gave you some perspective… one last thought, offered sincerely… don’t wait thinking it’ll be more of a problem in nice weather.

All it takes is for your wife or children to be accosted just once going to or from the house (either by the dealer or his customers) and your heart will sink.

A lot of drug users need $$ and they will follow your wife or child right in the house (if they see them alone) then push them inside, and a house robbery or personal robbery begins. They already have figured out when your family members come and go.

This is not hypothetical, it is a tried and true method by criminals. Security guards watch for the person who is the lookout and tips the others off. The guards then run off the lookout or at least eyeball him enough that he moves along.

Please escort your family whenever possible in and out of the house and don’t wait for someone else to bust the dealer.

This is not a good situation.

also very kind of Brent
to allow this thread to remain here :smiley:

The poster did give fair warning it wasn’t paddling related, and he did need advice…

nonetheless it was pretty cool to let it run

its course and not get hijacked or revoked.

Very humane. Humanitarian even.

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ima ouuuuttttttttttt