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Dry Ice
We thought we would try dry ice on our last trip and stopped at a fish wholesaler to get some. We were told that they would be glad to sell us some, but that it would keep everything frozen and freeze the beer to almost solid. So if you’re into beersicles, dry ice is how to make them. lol If you want liquid refreshment, use frozen bottles of water or juice. Bagged ice melts fast and gets everything wet.

Thanks again
for all the info, you guys have given me something to chew on. As far as my paddling plans - I will plan to camp a max of 3 times a year. day trips will be more my forte’ river like the Cassatot, lil’ mo, buffaloe, quachita & mnt fork. I can see my slef ever going into a lake or ocean. As my skill progress I plan to get aggressive in my paddling hope ridding some of the more tough “whitewater” rivers.

Thanks again

Lots of folks make the mistake of buying a boat(canoe or kayak) for the big once-a-year trip instead of what they do most often, and end up with something bigger, heavier, and harder to manuever than they need. There’s nothing wrong with expedition dreams – we all have them – but you’ll be happier with a boat that fits your day-trip realities.

There are lots of folks here who enjoy both kayaks and canoes for their different strengths. Both come in a huge range of sizes, personalities, and intended uses. And from what I can see, it’s all fun…

So thats what its like
I finally got to sit in, paddle & roll over in a kayak. It was great fun! However I don’t think the boats I tried out are going to be the ones I need. I had loads of fun in a “creekin’” boat (7’) and a “playboat” and will for sure in the future look into getting a boat similair to the “creekin’” boat. I’m really want to run some class III & IV rapids. But I also enjoy Kayak camping.

With all that in mind, I have almost settled on a rec boat in the 11’ - 13’ range. specifically I have thought about a preception “arcadia”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this boat should handle class II & III rapids decently, as well as pack plently of gear for camping.

Thanks to the guys in the Arkansas Canoe Club for helpig me out & teachign me how to roll. I had tons of fun.

kayaks & coolers

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depending on the cockpit configuration of the kayak, a good-quality, small collapsible cooler might work for 2-3 days of ice. I fill a collapsible with ice & beer when we trip with our kayaks and stuff it in the space between the footpegs and the forward bulkhead; fits perfectly! The new ones claim 2-3 days of ice & seems to be true if you use them efficiently. collapsible coolers come in many sizes, shop around for one that fits in your cockpit if you go that route. or get a canoe. or learn to go without (wine in a bota makes a good beer substitute).

we are able to haul about a weeks worth of gear in our 'yaks with careful planning and packing, and as others have mentioned it can be done. this year we bought a canoe and have been tripping out of it instead of the 'yaks and I can tell you it's far, far easier to manage. either way will work!

good luck!