NY Times magazine article - Capsized

My thoughts exactly ABC



LOL! Just Goes To Prove…

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like I said, folks have been known to die doing their sport. Heck, it's our option, our privlege, our luxury to "recreate" in the manner we choose. We fought/fight to live free or die.

Should I screw up out there one of these days, feel free to have a good laugh on me. Seriously. :)


PS. If someone posts a link to death by tillywinks... LOL!!!

I Hope Everyone Thinks Paddle Surfing…
is dumb. Please stay away from the breaks. For your safety and apparent sanity, go paddle a pond. :slight_smile:


Mr. Cranky-Pants

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OK, g2d, I tried to respond to your initial rudeness with humor, which didn't work. So instead, I will quote you the words of that great, mid-twentieth century philosopher, George Bailey:

"Oh, why don't you stop annoying people"

Now run off and try to find the key that will open up the floor and dump up all of us who are dancing and having fun into the water. BTW, you might consider posting under your actual name - it's remarkable how some personal accountability moderates one's interactions on a forum like this.

Not enough
I didn’t perceive much ‘mea-culpa’ in the story, more like, ‘ain’t we lucky’. It could have used more expression of regret in my opinion. At the end she says they’re sitting in the car, ‘considering their options’, which doesn’t sound like much to me.