Ocean access in L.A.

I’m heading to Los Angeles this weekend and I’m thinking about doing some paddling. I’ll be in the San Fernando valley and I’d like to find a place on the coast where I can get out without having to deal with surf. I would try it myself but my kid is not that strong of a paddler.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a place to put in that is easy and would provide some scenery to see (other than oil tankers, etc…)?



malibu pier area
I’m further south, but I understand the area around Malibu Pier is mostly protected from big surf and suitable for beginners. Below are some options to check out for rentals.

* Malibu Kayaks

22935 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Malibu Ca. 90265



Mostly sit-on-tops, sometime open late in the evening by pre-arrangement

* Malibu Pier Beach Rentals

23000 Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu, CA 90265


We carry 1 and 2 person Ocean Kayaks (Scrambler and Malibu Two) and offer instruction and assistance with launching and landing. No carrying the kayaks across the street! Just launch right off the beach! We also carry boogie boards and Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Hourly and Day Rates available. Open 7 days a week. 10 a.m. to Dusk. Earlier by appointment.

There is some surf at Malibu
so it’s not completely surf free. If you want to drive to Oxnard (about 45 minutes from the Valley or come to my house in Agoura) on Saturday morning, a couple of us are paddling from Channel Islands Harbor to Oil Platform Gina.It’s about 3.5 NM off shore and will make for about an 8 NM round trip from the put-in. If you can paddle at a speed of about 3.5 knots, know how to self rescue (assisted or solo), and have a sea kayak with a skirt and wear your pfd, your welcome to join us.

Email me and I’ll give you my phone number and you can decide if you want to join us or not.

Paddling with my kid on Mon. or Tue.
Thanks for the offers (here and in email) but I’ll be with my daughter on this trip and she’s not the paddler that I am. That’s why I’m looking to put in behind a breakwater or in a protected cove or bay.

Anywhere from LAX to Oxnard would be acceptable. I have boats so rentals are not needed.



Other direction
Newport Beach and Dana point (southwind is a good source) are protected harbors and you can get out on the ocean with no surf. Rent a tandem SOT and go paddle on the ocean.

Not really going to be much of an issue for the next few days around here. Ocean is pretty flat.

From the Valley
The two closest places to launch without having to deal with surf are Marina Del Rey - usually lots of power boat traffic. I don’t usually paddle there so my local knowlege is a bit out of date.

The other places would be either Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard (you can do a nice 5 mile round trip paddle of the harbor),or Ventura Harbor.

The only other places would be down in Orange County which is a bit of a drive for you from the Valley

Channel Islands Harbor or Ventura Harbor
Both have good public launch areas and large areas protected by breakwaters. Channel Islands Harbor, which is in Oxnard, is larger with a larger breakwater area. Both are about 45 minutes west of the San Fernado Valley off of the 101. If its a calm day, you can also poke out into the ocean.