Olympus 850 waterproof camera

Olympus 790 Plenty durable
Olympus 790 Plenty durable for kayaking. I paddled all summer with one in my pfd. Photo quality is good. Zoom is good. See http://picasaweb.google.com/waterwalker1 for samples.

Pentax Optio W60
There is a thread on Pentax Optio W60 in the discussion forum:


Most of pictures in my “Paddling with a Camera” blog are shot with W30 and W10. I also gathered links to Optio W60 and Olympus 1030SW reviews.


Any discussion on the image quality of these compact cameras is highly subjective. I would love to see side by side comparison.

Changes from the 720
I have the 720 also. Mine has the best color quality when the camera is in the stabilization mode (the little hand signal), but the camera won’t save this operational mode as a default. The post 720 models will save this as a default if you like.

1030 vs 850
I’m still a little confused about why the 1030 is worth and extra $100 … nearly 50 percent more than the 850? Are the only differences being able to sink the camera in deeper water, shoot better video and use wide-angle?

wide angle alone is worth
way more then $100 to me.

The rest is not important.

If your photography does not call for a wide angle than, I guess, save yourself $100.

I will have no photos
from my new Olympus 1030 waterproof camera that I got for my birthday. I took it out on a paddle today, had it on a retractable lanyard & I picked it up by the lanyard to show it to my friend, It flew off the clip on the lanyard and into the water. The current was so swift & water so dark that we were unable to retrieve it. Needless to say this was the worst birthday I’ve had. KK

Sorry to hear that
I can definitely sympathize - I am on my third.

I put the first down in the bottom of my boat just before I hit a stump and flipped. After that I was very careful about putting it in my PFD pocket - usually with the strap hanging out so it would be easier to get out. I caught the strap of the second one with my thumb during a stroke and sent it flying into the water. I’ve had this last one for over a year, so I am doing better.

Hope you’ll be able to replace it.

maybe this would help

Before you set out again with your new shiny camera consider the above


I had bought a float strap for it
to take snorkling. I thought it was safe hooked to the lanyard for kayaking. NOT! I’ve been beating myself up about it all day. KK

Great idea
I just bought a 1030 based on feedback in the forum. Love it so far. But it dawned on me as I was using it to shoot photos while swimming that it would sink like a rock if I dropped it …


Here’s what you need…

kind of spendy
$20 for something it takes around 10 minutes and 20 cents to make.

I guess, the one from Olympus is prettier :slight_smile:

I didn’t get the one from Olympus
I found another one I liked better for snorkling. Believe me If I do get another camera it will have the floatation strap plus some closed cell foam on it when near the water. KK

How did you pay for your camera?
If you paid with a credit card, the card may offer insurance. I dropped a new Canon camera and it landed on the lens, jamming it back into the body. $275 repair cost. MasterCard offers damage, theft, and loss coverage for 90 days. I had to get estimates and verify everything, but they paid for the repair. I assume other credit card companies offer similar coverage.


I did put it on Mastercard
but when my husband called them last night he spoke with someone who didn’t speak very good english. He was going to call back today but ended up in the hospital this morning. So we’ll take care of it later. KK

Stolen? Damaged? YES
they will replace or fix. If the River Gods take it thats just to bad. I finally got someone who under stood what I was saying. I got a claims center number from them that is in the USA but it was still a no go. KK

But what
is the difference between the River Gods taking it and someone stealing it? It is gone either way.

Hubby feeling better yet?

The difference
is the police report. I kept telling the lady from mastercard the police won’t come when the River Gods steal stuff. They would have to have a canoe or kayak to get there. (Hubby is feeling a little better, but will probably have to stay in the hospital the rest of the week) KK