Opinions on manufacturing defects.......

I’m holding back because…
…the dealer has been honorable with me, and assured me two different resolution scenarios. Once one of these scenarios is a done deal, I’ll be delighted to shout the mfg’s name from this and many other rooftops.

While you’re at it, might mention the dealer in an honorable way. Lots of people are looking for honest dealers that treat a customer properly.

Bill H.

when bringing up a warranty issue it helps if the customer, the dealer and the mfgr. can agree on a timeline. Some issues can be resolved swiftly, others not. That is why there is no pat answer.

Discuss the forks in the road, options for different outcomes (e.g. replacement part, new seat,

different boat, refund etc.) If there is going to be a long timeline for a resolution, IMO the customer s/be given a loaner boat if desired, or receive some discount off a replacement for the time off the water and the customer’s trouble.

Get a timeline as soon as possible and confirm it in writing. Then see how the actions (dealer and mfgr)

compare w. the timeline. Document when target dates, or “week of” promises do not occur.

In general a BBB is a creature of the business community and fairly powerless.

However, if you document in writing what was promised by when, and there is repeated delay in performance, or nonperformance, you have a pretty strong case to take to small claims court. IMO taking it to any higher court is too much outlay for result.

You can also use the same info in a well documented sagas of poor customer treatment. These do take wing in discussion forums and can focus a company’s attention.This has to be used judiciously, and not too soon in the process, as other posters have said.

I don’t subscribe to some machiavellian systematic blacklisting of customers who bring complaints. Kayak mfgrs. vary so much in size that the big ones are predisposed to not care and the small ones predisposed to being very distracted being captain, cook and deck swabber.

Day 29…
…talked to Mfg.who tells me they will pick up, whisk away, fix correctly, and return. I will hose down the decks with blanket praise when words become reality. Thanks to all of you who have kept me chilled and somewhat patient.