OT Columbia, SC

No, they laugh at us w/our stickers from Ohio.

I’ve been on Murray a couple of times.
We’re not just talking power boats, we’re talking stuff that belongs off-shore.

Like most lakes, go after school starts and they are mostly very low traffic.

The further you go “UP lake” the smaller the boats get…


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My Outer Island and soon to own Nigel foster Legend belong offshore too ...


Will be there
Friday and Saturday, driving back on Sunday.


We’re paddling Jocassee Saturday .
It is about 2-2.5 hours north of Columbia.

I won’t be bringing up a boat. Pack everyone in the van and go meet a realtor who is willing to give a tour and show us around some housing.

I just want to get a feel for the place and while I realize that two days is hardly valid, we do have some experience living in smaller cities and we should get at least an impression.


OK. We’ll catch up with you

Pleasantly surprised

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i don't know what kind of misconceptions I may have had subliminally but I found Columbia a pretty decent small city all around. The airport is very nice looking, downtown and the campus looked very well kept.
What I particularly liked was the obvious manicured parks and subdivisions but it wasn't too far under the layer of "civilization" that there were woods, rivers, lakes and meadows that had not been messed with too much.
Looks like there are some problems in some areas, read about gangs, and some crime, but i live near Miami for Chrissakes...the heat wasn't bad but again I am inland florida so used to that. Two hours from any kind of water and most a lot closer than that. As the realtor was driving us through downtown I saw a couple of large trailers/racks with kayaks on them at a store and several on the floor but my wife didn't want to stop knowing full well that I would be a couple of hours at least!
educationally, looks like district 1 in Lex might be the sweet spot.


I can see that I am going to need a shorter boat than the Legend or the OI for the rivers though...hmmm. wonder what would be good..probably plastic as i saw a lot of rocks. any suggestions?

My Tarpon 160 works pretty good on the Saluda, but I think a the 14’ one would be even better. Of course if the water was higher the longer boat would work better. The Saluda is one of those strange rivers that completely changes with its different water flows, actually i guess that’s like all rives. Anyway why were you checking out USC? It’s a decent School, I went there, but I want my daughter to go to Clemson, just so she can get away from the X and I think Clemson has a really nice campus, and a better engineering dept. Oh yeah the fact that’s its only about 20 miles from lake Joccassee has NOTHING to do with my decision!!! If you get a chance check out the Palmetto paddlers web site, they are a great group of folks, and paddle everything. Unfortunately my Two jobs and my wife’s operation has kept me from paddling with them this year very much. But if you want to know anything about any of the local paddling spots ask them or better yet join them.

Mid-state rivers can be very bony.
A T-140 or a Pungo type would be good. I call my Tarpon my beater boat .

Scupper Pro

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I have the scupper pros. I guess they will do but i was thinking more of a playboat or something that could handle class 1 or 2 rapids.
Also was thinking a sit inside.
(translation...looking for an excuse for another boat)


wter temps?
When I was in Columbia we met a guy named John who was putting in his Pungo 120 on one of the rivers. He mentioned that there was a lot of speckled trout. this kind of suggests cold waters. so. what is the average temperature of the waters and at what point do you put on a drysuit or equivalent during the year?


last question I swear :slight_smile:
dry suit yes or no for that region? I do intend to paddle year round.