OT: Most comfortable sleeping pad?

If he’s flying jets for the Navy…
…he’s probably at NAS Whidbey, just south of Deception Pass. There is a WCP camp out there the weekend of May 22.

What’s he flying? A-6?

big agnes inflatable
It’s not your father’s inflatable. Smaller and lighter than thermarest solid foam pads.

Hammocks are great until it gets cold or your back gets old.

Neo Air
I upgraded to an extra large NeoAir by Thermarest this year. Like it so far.

Multiple awards:

Backpacker Magazine Editors’ 2009 Choice Award for outstanding innovation in design, materials and performance.

Popular Science Magazine 2009 winner of the annual Best of What’s New Awards for its breakthrough design and performance.

Gold OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2008 from the OutDoor European Trade Fair to recognize outstanding design innovation, choice of materials and performance in the outdoors. The NeoAir mattress is one of only two top Gold award winners from a pool of 280 product submissions.

Pros: XL is only 19oz. Roomy at 25" wide by 77" long. 2.5" thick. Warm with R 2.5 rating. Comfortable. Packs small at 11"x 4.5".

Cons: Requires lung power to inflate. Expensive, so shop around. Considering the cost I feel it’s petty of Cascade Designs to not include a repair kit and stuff sack.

Thermarest NeoAir
I’ve heard good things about the Thermarest NeoAir


With its baffles running width-wise rather than lengthwise, it’s supposed to be really comfortable and light. Tinny complains about it in this first review, but raves about it in subsequent reviews.


Big Agnes
My Big Agnes air mattress is excellent. It rolls up into a tiny package, and it slides into a sleeve in the sleeping bag so you don’t slide off the air mattress during the night.You pretty much have to use a Big Agnes air mattress with a Big Agnes Sleeping bag, but you could use their air mattress under any accordingly -sized sleeping bag.

The Hills of NorCal
I spent last fall helping out on a buddies “off the grid” ranch … its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Glad to hear Phil is doing well … but then he’s a fairly cat-like and generally lands on his feet.

Let me know when your going to be in Oregon … I might be able to cut loose a bit and do some paddling with ya.

comparison for 3 comfortable mats
Avid user of self inflating mats for years (I have owned probably more than a dozen)I have compiled a comparison for 3 mats that are deemed the most comfortable in the biz (and trasportable in a kayak!)

I really like the NeoAir however a thick self inflating Thermarest is pretty good too.

If size and comfort matters, you can find more details at: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2009/06/sleeping-mats-less-is-more.html

Mine also has
A built in hand pump.

I have a Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Inflatable, so it weighs just 1 lbs, but it’s 1 lbs of comfort!

It can be inflated like in 10-15 breaths. (counted myself).Unlike most sleeping pads, the valve is present at the bottom surface rather than the top. The valve also contains an automatic shut off button so that you can close the valve, catch your breath and easily continue inflating the pad.
That said, I’m 5’9” and 168 on a Regular sized pad, but Outdoorsman Lab isn’t scamming anybody on the quality of their gear. Even the packaging it came in wasn’t brilliant.