OT-treating nail fungus with ethylene

A Podiatrist Says…
I was in a casual conversation with a podiatric surgeon today, and asked him about the EG thing. He raised his eyebrows, allowed as how it might be an effective topical agent, but if the infection gets down to the nail bed, or in very far, it is likely to be a systemic infection which would not respond to topical treatments. Not too serious, in any event.

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it would probably work as well with a common otc antifungal–perhaps best with one in an acetone base.

of course, it only works if there is some clear nail to work with–as in catching it early. an advanced case is probably a lost cause.

fyi: nearly an identical method to yours and a few other similar ones (including our own) have already been patented.


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Mine had no clear nail (looked to be total dystrophic type of OM), had been totally involved for several years and did not respond to two courses of Lamisil. Lamisil had worked in the past for me when another nail was partially involved. My nail was yellow and thick from proximal to distal, but it would peel off seemingly all the way to the nailbed. I know if sounds weird. I was astounded myself. If you can get the topical to the plane of infection, it may be able to penetrate throughout the plane of infection because that plane is weakened by the fungus and is not like normal nail.

What is there to patent about my method other than some instrument to do the nail debridement with. Anybody can buy chlorhexidine gluconate. I suppose some company could rename the chemical and and just not label it what it is.

I tried several otc creams for fungal infections during the year, but it didn’t help me. In the end, this remedy helped me: I soaked my big toe in one part vinegar one part listerine for 30 min a day. It took about 5-6 months for the fungus to clear up. I basically had to just wait until a whole new nail grew out. I could tell it was working because the base of the nail was clear when it started to grow out. So I just kept at it until it was completely grown out/gone before I stopped soaking.

Twice I have had a big toe nail turn brown. Twice I have used vinegar and water to make it go away. A little skin lotion spread on occasionally to keep the nail soft. It takes a long time but it works. If I remember correctly the first time I used a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water and applied it with a Q tip morning and night. The 2nd time I think I used more vinegar and less water. Any cheap skin lotion spread on occasionally will keep the nail from getting brittle. Hope you have the results I did.

Penlac worked for me once on a toe after multiple months. Then I got that stuff on TV foget the name perscription liquid. It worked. It was 500 plus for tiny tiny bottle. Used two of them. Doctor told me cure rate is 17% lol got a grand mind bending. Best prevetion throw out all your cotton socks…

It was Jublia was what I used. Crazy price. Bottle was half the size of my pinky and half empty when new.

Cost… you can’t get much cheaper than vinegar… and toxicity… well it’s on our healthy salads.

A middle toe nail got really thick. Dermatologist said there was no vinegar fix for it. Just clip it and file it.

Vicks Vapo Rub
It will cure toe nail fungus
but may keep all but your most devoted fans away

Problem is penetrating the nail. Vapor rub isn’t doing it.

@kayamedic said:
Vicks Vapo Rub
It will cure toe nail fungus
but may keep all but your most devoted fans away

I don’t have any foot sniffing friends.

@PaddleDog52 said:
Problem is penetrating the nail. Vapor rub isn’t doing it.
We tried it from hearsay.
Then we checked with primary care provider who said that over the long run it works.
You a doc? I know not all docs agree.

If it was working Vicks could repackage it and sell to make millions. It’s BS.


Claims 5 in 18 but I doubt it.

My insurance company didn’t spend 1200 plus with my doctor for Jublia if vapor rub worked. Jublia was months long process to work.

I’d rather try Vicks than antifreeze g y day.

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This thread is starting to grow on me.


Propylene glycol is a non-toxic antifreeze and is used in some nail fungus meds, though I don’t know if its an active ingredient or just the solvent/carrier. And the bonus: you can also use it as an oral drench for ketosis in your pet cow.

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