other stuff needed to get started

wal mart
and probably some other stores will have a plastic container holding - rope, whistle,etc. and you can use the container for a bailer as well. All good suggestions above, but don’t think you have to get it all at once. But - you need whistle, bailer, hat, water, pfd, and a tether or rope to fasten your paddle to your boat. Pretty frustrating to drop your paddle and see it floating 8 ft away.

You will figure out what else you need with the more experience you get.

I use a big sponge just ahead of the seat to catch any drips - from rain or paddle, I mean.

Short paddle on a quiet pond… LOL
Oh sure, that’s how it starts. Give it 4 1/2 years like me and it becomes the best thing that ever happened to you.

Don’t tie your PFD to the boat, $50.00 fine.

Emergency ration of…
Spam. Good fer fillin’ in hull cracks, wardin’ off skitters, greasin’ up wagon wheel axles, flushin’ out yer innards, fendin’ off dem Mingo polecats or waan combined wit Tang - a ordeover at Raystown.


Why would the PFD need to be tied to the boat if it’s on the paddler?