P+H Bahiya. Any experience?

I read the product reviews. Anyone else have any experience in the Bahiya? CD Caribou S is my leading choice as of now.

never had i ever sat in a boat that
fit me perfectly the first second!!!loved it…

demoed it on the water…nut completely used to such a hard chine…kept dumping me over-but it did roll very well…

fast…would like to spend more time in one…

I Played With One In A Pool
Very tracky.

ECCKF demo
on a flatwater pond, of course, I tried a bunch of boats this year and the three I liked the most were the Silhouette, the RM Aquanaut LV, and the Bahiya. My boat is a Sirius, 20.5"wide.

To my feel, the Bahiya turned easier than the Silhouette, maybe not as easy as the Aquanat LV. None of them seemed tippy, but for me, none of them would lock onto the edge in a turn like the legend would. They all seemed pretty fast, but I wasn’t carrying a GPS so hard to say. Wish I could have one of each -