p+h skeg help

i have the scorpio lv and the skeg seems hard to get back to the up position. i have watched the videos from them and i am pinching it to release it , but it goes back but with alot force at the end. then there is a little tiny bit of the skeg showing. not alot, just a thin slice.but if i run my finger across it, it stays in. is this normal? i have only had it a month, should i have the shop i bought it take a look?

You should be proud …
… actually, many folks, myself included, set their skeg slightly proud (sticking out a bit - maybe 1/4"). This allows for a deeper deployment when in fully down. It also makes it a little easier to pull out the skeg if it should get jammed.

so, this isn’t actually
a problem at all? just want to make sure.

Look underneath
for anything that might restrict the pull cord feeding into the tube that exits the skeg box. Perhaps there’s an extra-big knotted wad of cord tied to the skeg itself.


Not a problem
As wetzool notes many adjust thier skegs to be slightly proud when retracted. As long as it is not enough to kink the wire/rod when landing or effect performance (which from your description it is not) not to worry.


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while it may not be a problem, performance-wise, having the skeg not retracting all the way, it would still be worthwhile to find out why it's happening.

My Capella 167 (with the same new P&H design) moves quite freely all the way up till it clunks against the underside of the skeg box.

Also, with this design there's enough slider travel available for full retraction while allowing dropping the skeg past vertical (tip pointing towards the bow) depending on where you tie the string to the slider. This is good if you want to collect weeds and thereby increase your exercise output.


i’ll have
it checked where i bought it when i go down for my aca class at the end of the month.

Hey Turtle
It’s ironic that you mention this as I am noticing the same behavior with my new Cetus.During Sundays paddle it became almost impossible to retract.Was smooth as butter when I brought her home from shop (new), and has become progressively worse with each paddle (about six outtings so far).

Also, previous boat was a Cappella 167, it was smooth as silk for the 1.5 years I owned.

Have not so much as looked in the skeg recess to see whats going on…will keep you posted


Pivot axle
After watching that video last year I took mine out of the skeg box just to see what it all looked like up close. I did find one thing to be concerned with when putting it back in, make sure the pivot axle (a large plastic nut-and-bolt arrangement) is sufficiently unscrewed to wedge quite firmly into the skeg box. This both keeps the axle in place and provides looseness for the skeg blade to pivot freely about it.

Otherwise, the axle may tighten down on the blade causing everything to bind up.


P+H skeg
Easy solution: Spray WD-40 on the slider, smooth as butter. I own a CETUS and with use the skeg slider starts to stick, lubricating resolves the issue strait away.

I would recommend not using the WD40. The new skeg design on the Cetus/Scorpios are very simple and easy to adjust.

Your problem is most likely the tension on the bungie cord inside the box which can be easily adjusted with the barrel adjustment inside.

Without going into a detailed explanation, check P&H’s website, Mark (kayak41north) has an excellent video explaining the process.



Sticking Skeg
I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the skeg on your Scorpio LV. I hope that you have found a solution by now. If not, I am happy to offer a fix.

We have seen a few boats out there that have a slightly squeezed skeg box that binds on the skeg blade. We are happy to replace your skeg blade if you contact us through the P&H Website. Or if you prefer, give us a call at 828-254-1101.

Ask for Dinver and we will get replacement parts sent out immediately.

Brian Day

P&H Northeast Rep