Pack canoes and weathercocking

yknpdlr, Just for the record, I don’t disagree at all with your personal viewpoint as it relates to the the canoe vs kayak or pack canoes paddled with double-blade paddles. And though I try to adhere strongly to a Keep-it-Simple philosophy regarding watercraft and life in general, there are reasonable modifications I’m willing to accept if such will enhance the pleasure of my time afloat. While I have essentially no experience paddling canoes, with the exception of an autumn afternoon more than five decades ago in an aluminum something or other on the Genesse River in Rochester, your comments have given rise to the notion of acquiring a canoe that might be paddled with both a double and single blade which brings me back to giving more thought to the Oseetah (though I understand that PBW’s production schedule is backed up a full year which would put me close to my 82nd birthday before taking delivery. How quickly the sand runs through the glass🙁). However, I’ve found an easy solution to the garage storage problem. Here is a hoist that will allow a kayak to be stored just below the 12 foot ceiling of our garage and allow plenty of room for a car.


I’ve always enjoyed day dreaming about “the next” boat though, this time, it’s more than likely to be the “last boat”. Jake


If you have problems with weather cocking, then change your position in the boat and your center of gravity. Don’t start adding do dads. I hate keels on canoes. I would not put a skeg on one for any price.

If you are paddling into a stiff wind, then the weight needs to be forward of the center.

That’s quite true but it’s not always possible to redistribute gear after rounding a point in a big lake. Thinking of rounding Cap La Canadienne which is notorious for accidents due to wind shift as you round it.

Almost always, it will be just me, a sandwich and a thermos of coffee in the boat. I paddled a Mariner Express sea kayak for a couple of years. It had a sliding seat which helped a lot with weathercocking when paddling with wind on the aft quarter but added an extra seven pounds to the weight of the boat. I weigh just around 140 pounds which might exacerbate the problem. I suppose I could eat more junk food and put on 25 pounds or just carry a couple of sandbags. I can already feel myself getting hungry for a Mc Donald’s double quarter pounder with cheese😃

Changing conditions like rounding a point often means that you should move your body forward in the boat, forward of the center thwart or where it would normally be.