Paddel floats: Let the fight begin!

is this the text-messaging generation?

NRS rigid foam float
NRS now makes the best rigid foam float–the buckle and strap are a piece of engineering genius (how come no one ever thought of that?)–and it comes in at $20!!!

I like them so much
I carry 3.

I carry one for all of the reasons above
that don’t have to do with rescues.

Learning a paddle float self-rescue isn’t hard (is it?). And the skill can be transfered to other types of rescues.


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saw a river paddler carry one--not much sense to when you can swim/wade ashore and just empty your boat---and like I said above really nice for a pillow---and maybe some peace of mind for a backup with a paddlefloat reenter and rollup--in the types of conditions that a sea kayaker is likly to go over in doing the paddle float scramble and reenter would be quite difficult--reenter and roll probably better-- best is just the roll

Another use
I do agree with the re-enter and roll option. I still can’t roll, but I can re-enter and roll with a paddle float.

Also, when I was at rolling class with Turner & Cheri, they used a big inflatable thing as part of a drill to get comfortable with laying spread-eagle at a right angle with the boat in the water, and then just slide onto the back deck and up. I imagine this drill could be performed with a paddle float as well.


That works
I got the balance brace (what you were doing) by putting my Northwater foam float on my hand. When I was first getting it, trying to scull into it with the paddle was really too much motion.

you say paddle float,
i say sponson…they’re both pronounced “useless”

CO2 inflatable Paddle float
is a nice idea for someone who doesn’t roll or has an unreliable roll. Mount it on the front or rear deck. After an unexpected capsize pull it from the bungies, yank the inflation cord and push yourself upwards for air and astonishment. I don’t have one but I wish I did.

Lots of things are useless . . .
A spare paddle is useless . . . until you need it.

A paddle float is another tool in the box. It’s not a wonder-tool that can solve any problem, but it has it’s uses. Besides, it’s cheap and doesn’t take up any space. No matter how good your roll is, you might need one some day – or (as others have said above) you may need it to assist another paddler. I can’t think of a reason not include one as part of your standard equipment.

it’s a nice pillow

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if you break a paddle then you can't get home without another one. so it makes sense to carry a spare paddle.

if you blow your roll, then there are other answers to getting back in the boat that are imo, better than a paddle float. so yes, it's a tool. not a good one and not one that should supplant other tools and practices.

if your roll fails "in conditions", i don't think that this particular tool is going to be all that helpful.

if i'm paddling in a group (what's that less than three drivel?) then i don't need the paddle float for a rescue as either my mates will know how to perform a rescue OR i can talk them through how to rescue me.

if someone needs a paddle float to stabilize their boat then raft up with them and you can help them or tow them from there where you can aid them. paddle float can't do that either.

After attending their class I borrowed
that technique from then using a paddle float.

may or may not be helpful
if you blow your roll in conditions but it will be all you have if you are alone

Back up Roll Aid

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Does the above and is well-rigged to mount on the front deck, grab and get you rolled up as long as you already have at least an unreliable roll. Much controversy that could come up about this device, but it works very well within its intended use.

I use my paddlefloats
from the time I get in to the time I get out of my Nordkapp and frequently use sponsons in my otther boats during the paddle.

The double outrigger is a fine innovation.

The back band replacement I have seen done and it is the only back support I have ever actually liked.

Nick Donovan; an instructor and guide in Clarenville uses that in his NDK Explorer.

Hatch cover.
OK That is new.

I never thought of that.

I also figure if you punch a hole in a boat it can back up a patch by displacing some water that may leak in.

Has the right spin for his environment.

The ocean and or less than perfect swimmers is the floats forte.

I have one.
It is not really all that.

It is however a tool.

Rear deck
I have a good roll and often carry a solid paddle float on my rear deck for just that purpose.