Paddle Jacket

Is it imperative to get a paddle jacket that is breathable or would a nonbreathable one be fine for cooler weather paddling?

not imperative, but nice to have NM

If you are just lilly dipping breathable
is not necessary, but if you are paddling, hard, working out, or it warms up the breathable sure is nice.

If it was me, I would opt for breathable.



beatheable is better
for any cold weather activity especially, you don’t want to sweat too much.

In addition to losing all that moisture, which you are already losing just by breathing, when the cool down happens bad things can happen to your sweat soaked clothing and thus to your body (e.g. hypothermia).

Many breatheable fabric choices out there; some cheap, others not so cheap.

Mine is both

…just had to say something about PFDs after a great paddling weenend on the Etowah.

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