paddle leash

Neverlost Gear Products
I have purchased from this site and have been happy with the quality and value:

Made one and tried it.
Put together a replica of the North Water bungee leash. Looks identical except for the missing logo. Cost: five minutes with a needle and thread securing the velcro strip around that little plastic tube the bungee slides through. Used Capefear’s 2’5" suggested bungee length (thanks CF!).

Hooked it to a perimeter line and gave it a try yesterday just for kicks. Attached it to my Lumpy stick while futzing around with my two-piece Euro spare stashed in paddle britches way forward on my bow. No worry when my stick started sliding off my lap starboard because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

Was pleasantly surprised that I could actually paddle with it attached.

I normally don’t use a leash when paddling, but it’s nice to have one handy. Just not sure where I’ll stash it.

Thanks to the OP for the question. Never thought about it before.

I Attach It To The Boat
But don’t expect it to act as a sea anchor, especially in very windy rough sea conditions, for I’ve had paddles yanked right out of my hand by waves carrying my boat away. So now I tether myself to the boat, at a strong anchor point and pray that the leash never breaks.