Paddle question

I have a Ride 115 which is 72 lbs I think. Was looking for a lighter kayak but didn’t find what I wanted…yet. But was told to switch to a good lightweight paddle such as carbon, graphite, fiberglass, whatever I could afford, & I would notice a big difference in the energy used to paddle a heavy yak. Can anyone share a similar experience they’ve had doing the same thing? I’ll find the yak I want sometime, but until then will a real good paddle make quite a difference?

A good paddle will make it easier. Not faster but easier. And not easier for an hour long paddle but much easier for a day long paddle.

I think for paddles under a coupld hours any paddle is fine, but the longer you go the better you want. And for me shape is more important than weight, but the heavy stuff usually doesn’t have the best sha[e either.

Get an aquabound stingray for $130. I’m told $250 paddles are even better but I wouldn’t know. Beyond that I understand the improvement vs $ curve flattens out so it becomes a matter of what’s in your wallet.

And second what the first reply said. I can paddle with any piece of crap for an hour, but if you’re putting in the distance you will see the difference.

An alternative
I use a 9.5’ rec kayak, an Emotion Glide. A little fat boat that has a theoretical hull speed of about 4 mph. I can push that boat for miles at nearly 4 mph, while my paddling companions in long sleek fast boats have to keep up with me.

It’s not the boat and it’s not the paddler. I’m a senior dabbler and not in good shape.

It’s the paddle: I use a hand carved Aleut 8’ wooden paddle, which is very light also. You can DIY these and Greenland Paddles cheaply if you are handy at all.

Your paddle can make a great difference in your paddling comfort and quite possibly your performance. The good part is that you don’t have to spend next month’s house payment to get a great paddle.

Eventually you might decide to upgrade to a higher dollar paddle, but while you’re looking around, take a look and feel the Carlisle Expedition.

Wow, I see they’ve raised the price on them ($179 now), but if you look around, you might find a good deal. Even at the $179 price, this is a very good paddle.

Absolutely yes
For ages I used the same spare paddle which was a very decent paddle - not especially heavy and a good blade. But it was not foam core carbon like my main paddle.

One day I actually had to use my spare all day. I found the part when I got in at the end of the day, but one of the pieces in the flange had gone under things in the car when I was loading up.

It was awful, just the change in weight. I had been looking at a new foam core paddle for abut a month, I ordered it the following week when I got home.

NW Iowa
We must be neighbors. I sent you an e-mail through Pnet.


2nd Stingray
I love my aquabound stingray! Well worth the investment. Plan to get an aquabound Shred when I get my whitewater kayak.