Paddle Recommendations?

middle of the road

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I'd start with a midpriced straight-shaft 2-piece euro paddle on the short end of the suggested length range(beginners usually go too long). Something like the Werner Shuna in glass or one of the Aquabounds might be good. It'll get you off to a good start, and be a reliable spare/loaner when you decide to get a wing or a GP. ;-)

Never seen an ONNO, but he's got lots of fans here.

I started with a euro, now switch between a euro and a GP, and would like to add a wing to the collection. All have their merits.

Congratulations on the new boat!

Onno paddle
A custom made carbon paddle at 20 oz. for $250 bucks. Sounds good to me. Putting in my order sometime in March.

Carbon fiber
Greenland Paddles! Way cool! To rich for me at the moment though. I do find the design intriguing and will have to try one out.

In the works…

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Just got off the phone with Patrick at Onno Paddle. He is such a good guy to talk with, extremely helpful. I just ordered one of his Full Tour paddles in the signiture series. The two piece has an awesome method for adjustment it is called the "The ONNO Lever Lock". If you haven't heard of one or seen it you should check it out. Cool stuff!

If you do get an ONNO …
… and he says this applies to your particular paddle, make SURE you keep it lubed/greased properly so it doesn’t get stuck together like mine is. Apparently the original owner wiped it off and the fit is precise and watertight, and now I’m temporarily stuck with an unused, very sweet, very beautiful WW/surf Onno with an offset that would be horrible for my bracing habits and far different than my other paddles (60 vs. ZERO, not interested in using it unless I change it to 0 per his instructions with a little shortening).

There must be something you can do
to get them apart. Have you tried sprays? Their is one in the auto shops Lube 1 if I remember correctly. It contains silcone that may work. Maybe warming up one half of the paddle with a heat gun on low heat and using ice on the other side. Just throwing options out there. It may spark some ideas… What did Patrick suggest?

Older generation paddle.
Ferules were hand honed to very precise ‘slip’ fit sort of like a fishing rod. I varied the fit depending on who I was sending it to and they always worked perfect before leaving the shop … Hard to control things once they get re-sold. These ones NEED a light coating of grease on them to go together / come apart correctly. If its pretty snug still thats a good thing.

Any new adjustable ones should only get a fresh water rinse with no lubes ever.

while were on the subject…
of tight furules Ive been using 5/16" orthodontic elastics as a seal on my non adjustable fiberglass and carbon paddle shafts for 4 seasons with no wobble and no water inside you’d be suprised how much fine sand is in that clear looking water

He recommended what was on his older
website, no luck there either :slight_smile:

length will be better upstream, into wind, shallows & keeping stroke in front of to rotate. If you want to cover distance well or quickly, wing it. Good luck!

I fell on my Bending Branches paddle
and it bent instead of broke.

The Onno paddle I ordered
is adjustable from 212-219. That should give me good options.