Paddler weight for Gulfstream

Sirrocco weathercocks more than Gulf
I think CD did a booboo in the translation of the Gulfstream to plastic Sirocco that resulted in more weatherococking and they brushed the change under the rug.

it’s slow?
Jay, you paddle too fast! The Gulfstream isn’t “fast” but it’s efficient for average paddling speeds under 4mph.

The Caribou is actually a better displacement but for beginning paddlers the Gulfstream gives a responsive hull and wide range of stability in waves AND an easily driven hull.

If the choices were opened up to other composite boats there are better choices for someone desiring less weathercocking and efficiency.

"How do they figure this?"
that’s actually a good question. Ideally it’s figured by the designer building the boat for an intended paddler. And ideally they took that boat into a range of conditions with different paddlers and scaled the recomendations accordingly.

The problem is that seeing a number “for paddlers 175-250lbs” doesn’t communicate how well that boat handles in those conditions or with different payloads.

The format of listing paddler weights and total payloads doesn’t mean the same thing for all boats and unfortunately with some manufacturers it’s a number derived mathematically from some draft measurment with no actual testing.

Some manufacturers have someone who actually knows but it’s safe to say they aren’t the person answering the phones. Most manufacturers and dealers are stuck with the same thing you are going by, a few numbers.

Should always be on the list
I said this in my review and after more time and more adventures I believe it even more strongly now.

Anyone looking to buy a boat in the Explorer/Aquanaut/Legend class does themselves a real disservice if they do not demo a Force. Everyone has their favorites for personal reasons and it may not ring your bell, but it is a must try boat in my opinion.

if you get the gulfstream then the hell with the diet.

i third the Force series
i really liked them at the WCSKS. and better fit options than the Gulf/Sirocco. nice Valley hatches.

better tracking, still decent turning but i think they have greater primary, not lower, than the CD boats mentioned. all Impex boats seem to have nice linear stability curves, makes them friendly, and somewhat Explorer like.