Paddling "license"

Devil’s advocate here . . . .
The absolute best river we have in my entire state travels through two beautiful state parks and is great from January through May. As long as the water is high enough and cold, it’s our favorite paddle.

But once the air temps rise above 80°F and the water is a bit warmer than freezing, we have to abandon it to the drunk, obnoxious canoe renters. Over 85°F and warm water, even the drunk canoe renters complain about the tubers. The river smells like stale beer, bottles & cans are everywhere and it’s impossible to maneuver around the haphazard paddling style of the truly stupid that line the river from bank to bank.

So, in fact, I wouldn’t mind at all paying for a license, as long as it’s about $25 per paddler or more per year, and the canoe rental places have to charge it as well. That would put their sorry arses out of business and we could enjoy our favorite river as much in warm weather as in cold. . . .


I agree with gnarlydog’s blog
I believe a license will push people away from learning.I know here in Canada courses are expensive.I do plan on advancing my skills with paddle Canada to improve my “game” but dont believe we should ever be forced to buy a license.I think that would destroy the freedom part of it for me.

I had a 18 foot bayliner all leather etc…I have not taken it out this year as I refuse to buy a license to do something I have been doing since the 80’s.

maybe this is just a misunderstanding.I know with paddle canada they tell you depending on your level you should stick to certain conditions.Maybe that was what the kayak instructor meant.

Unfortunately there are those who would love to implement this.

I Believe Gnarlydog is right in saying it wil drive people away from the sport.

If licenses do come and they

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require all paddlers on inland waters to have a license..there is going to be 1) and enforcement nightmare.

and 2) it will drive some new inexperienced paddlers to the ocean, where they do not belong unprepared.

Such is last years attempt to grab revenue for the State.

And its not too far fetched to think Ontario might require an Outdoors Card from paddlers. Already do for fishing.

the instructor is pushing
the instructor is pushing for “licensing” within the national governing body of the sport.

You don’t have to belong to the Governing body to be able to paddle but who says that ultimately that won’t be the goal in the future.

Needless to say the instructor is a greedy individual that I hears saying: “ripe for the picking” referring to paddlers in his area. He obviously just wants business, not necessarily a better paddling community.

I always get suspicious when there is conflict of interest.

Securing a source of revenue
for themselves, huh? Organize a boycott of this individual, and see how they like it!

Greed knows no boundaries.

Paddle license means Paddle License Fee
Not a tax, just a fee

Imposed fees or licensing

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I'm totally against any fees or licensing.

However, I'm not following the "theory" that instructors are pushing for any kind of fee or licensing?

Maybe this is more of a local issue with one individual.. sounds like more of a turf war or an ego thing.. that is now a full blown Pnet conpericy theory to attack all instructors, and discourage people from seeing out a good option for a safe learning experience?

It happens!

Most beginners don't have any equipment, don't know what to buy, not sure if they will like it, and might be smart enough to take a half day class to learn how to be safe and how to paddle and test equipment. Part of that is having a certified instructor.

That has nothing to do with the DNR imposing fees.

The easy way to kill this…
…is to explain that as soon as the club “licenses” paddlers, in effect certifying that they are capable of paddling safely on club trips, they are legally liable for any injuries that may occur. For that matter, they may be liable for any damage or injury one of their licensed paddlers causes or incurs during non-club trips. It’s one thing for a club to set minimum requirements for participating on trips and enforce them informally, but quite another to actually license paddlers. That is a REALLY BAD idea!

well put NM

good idea

Excellent post man.Something I hadnt thought of.

Lets face it the governing bodies are already in place with excellent instructor cadre.

What would a license improve?

While I am all for formal classes,I find the best way I learn is from others in a non class environment.I have learned so much from other paddlers this year,and honestly the only reason I’m hitting up Paddle Canad next year is so I can begin my climb through the skill levels to teach as a retirement job.

It is really too bad your instructor couldnt come on and explain what it is he is proposing and why.I always love hearing both sides.

“What would a license improve?”

Well, for one thing, look at all the wonderful stuff it did for motor vehicles! No deaths, no accidents, no idiots being allowed to drive…Nirvana!!! :wink:

i love the humour on this site!

my instructor is probably
hiding after I got drift of his intentions.

Now that I think of it, I remember him saying:

“Ripe for the picking” referring to the paddling community that he is planning to “instruct”.

May I suspect that he is not doing it from a philanthropic point (for free) but from greed (charging top dollars for his instruction).

I Second That!

lets hope
he is the exception…

We have one guy like that around here… I could see him trying to coerce people into his classes with some kind of licensing with the DNR.

We also have a group of ACA instructors that work 2-6 classes each summer for the county park, and a few full time park instructors that teach mostly kids, so a dozen or so adult classes helps them stay busy enough for a full time job.

Several of these instructors also are the non paid group leaders for the local paddling clubs and help anyone any time.

The DNR licenses every other boat out there, so they would probably be very willing to impose fees on kayak ers. Some states already have a license for canoes.

No Licensing!
I do feel that anyone who buys a kayak should have to have at least a safety course in order to paddle, just to learn the rules of the road so to speak and not harm themselves or others. But to impose on someone what they can and can’t do in a kayak is insane. Everyone should be able to seek their own skill level, be it amateur or professional. Licensing is just another way to control something that’s gotten popular and make money off of it. Capitalists! Ya gotta love em! Take a perfectly enjoyable past time and spoil it with rules.

No “safety course” either
did our parents and early paddlers need a “safety course” to enjoy paddling?

Did you take a safety course to ride your bike, ski or run a 5K?

They used common sense, which doesn’t take a course to learn.

We are constantly regulated by big brother.

Leave him and all his regulatory nonsense out of my hobby!



greatest threat
is the Coast Guard has to rescue an inordinate number of kyakers… which means they are risking their own lives, and using their rescue time…

I think it’s good that we encourage people to have some training for the conditions they want to paddle.

If not enough of them will need to be rescued and that poses a liability for the rest of us who are safe and encourage other people to be safe.

That sounds like…
…the “Tim Ingram” approach. You try to push through legislation that will benefit your bank account. That’s really slimy…

Naturally, he is an instructor, a god
among his “community.” I move on from these people.