Paddling on ice

That deep freeze wedding couple are still happily married 47 years later.


When the veal is dank,
bitte off more than Hugh chew (Gesundheit!),
and if I danke Hines
will that cupcake schon my canoe?


De Nata Iberian Slipsh’odd of the Unlearned Teutonic
(although I always preferred Yosemite Sam’s, “[BIG SIGH] I’m a Hessian without aggression.”

or, quite simply

Why Zoitintleeeee!

Like a FINE Eskimo couple, forged in the frozen freezers of higher latitude love! Who needs those fiery furnaces?!!! Soon to be a golden bond! :+1: :snowman_with_snow: :snowman: :heart:

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Indeed, sir! A fine day for poets and “mad bastards”! Or so I have read.

Whether climbing up icicles,
or flushing down melt trickles,
some mad be glad happiness they’ve had
was 'nother good day 'fore swings the sickle.

What!!? you were wantin’ to close with:
“Lands 'em gig in Vegas opening for Dead Rickles”???

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Just search the image, so fast!

I don’t even watch! :persevere::unamused:
My goal is to make the dog wear his PFD, that’s it

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I love it. My wife and I (sailboat racers) had the same conversation with my brother after he climbed Rainier.

You takes your choice and you manages your risk…

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I do more canoe sailing than paddling these days during the green seasons. But I’ve wanted to get into sailing on ice during the white season, as I live near the Hudson River. Only problem is, this year there’s been no hard freeze–And it’s already February. Climate change is real. Vintage footage attached.

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We are noticing a lot of ads featuring snow and kayaks lately.

Well ya know, if you really want to chase those “Fastest Vehicles on Earth,” you don’t really need the ice, just the “earth,” or at least those salty flats.

Spiritboats gone ta heaven.
He’s the Banshee of Bonneville.
And with a better plan than those Steely Dan,
bought wheeled rocket and he bought a thrill.

Yea, it’s a “Silencr” series, all right, till suddenly a larch twig neath the snow grabs that next right foot placement. Then, everything ain’t so Kuhl, nor silent, as the orange snowball goes tumblin’ downhill left, and a blue, unmanned rocket sled goes torpedoing, “Bumf, bop, womp-kalomp, boof, swwwwwiiiisssshhh” right, fading away from sight downriver, chasing into distant peak echos of, “Farfignewton!”

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Kayaking in wintry icy conditions???
Where do advertisers get such ideas from???:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Personally, my days of slinging long 16’+poly yaks over my shoulder and schlepping them down snowy banks are like three decades behind me. And aside from good durability on ice, shorter poly boats do have have their carrying merits…

Besides, dogs love 'em…

Nah. I’m not an earth sign. Besides, Bonneville’s too far a shuttle commute for my “Blue Flame” butt boat. Sailing wise, I’ll mostly stick with soft tops until hell freezes over…