painting a paddle

thinking of painting my carbon epic mid wing so i’ll be more visible on the water. which paint to use? are reflective tapes better? suggestions please. thanks.

I did

Just used a can of some High Visibility paint I got at Lowes. And tape.

Krylon Fusion
made for plastics, let it cure for a week and it is highly chip resistant…

I followed Redmonds advice and all my paddles are now yellow and black bumble bee striped…

Reflective tape is good as well, I wrapped solas tape around the paddle shaft just below the drip rings, and one strip on each end of the shaft next to the joint.

paddle paint
Testors paints like you used on models as a kid work great and they hold up. Just go to the hobby store and get a few plus some thinner and have fun.

Its all in the prep.
Wash off all the slime from paddling,lightly wetsand with 320 - 600, rinse and wipe dry with a clean, lint free cotton cloth. DO NOT solvent wipe. When ready to spray, blow off dust and fire away with your choice of bumble bee paint : )

With black blades…
…a white primer undercoat makes a big difference in the brightness of colors applied over it, especially fluorescent colors. Fluorescent colors show up well in sunny and overcast conditions. Prismatic reflective tape is amazingly bright during the day, but SOLAS-type reflective tape is best at night.