Palm Sidewinder Bibs: Reviews?

I know someone talked about them here, but can’t remember who’s got them. Not interested in someone with no personal experience in them giving uninformed opinions. Just looking for someone who’s actually worn them to recommend or not. Were they worn with a matching jacket, or alone? Would they fill up if worn alone on a swim or hold most water out? Quality?



They’ll fill up if used alone.
I can’t find a label on mine, but I bought it about a year ago from sierra trading post. I think it’s a Sidewinder. It has breathable booties, large enough for my enormous feet. At the top, the “bib” is neoprene with shoulder straps. There is a flap at the waist to mate with a drytop. It mates OK with my Stohlquist drytop, though the overlap is not great. As I am most likely to use it in open boats, I am curious to see whether the overlap zone will keep water out during a swim. The extra large size is fine for my 6’ 5" frame, even when kneeling.

Now, I have not used it yet. I did wear the bib and drytop around the house, and without insulation under the combo, I was comfortable at 68 degrees, and did not become at all sweaty.

With “drypants” and drypants, there is that issue about water getting in. You have to carry a knife constantly, and if the bib loads up with water, you must stab yourself in both feet to release the load. (Not really kidding.)

Sound the same. They’re the only
Bibs Palm makes, so if that’s the brand, same thing. Can’t tell from the photos for sure, but the neoprene chest seems designed to be tight enough to probably leak a little, but not so much “fill up”. Loved the knife visual though, trying to stab your own feet to drain a tub full of water, lol. There’s always a head stand too, I guess. ;~)


I think it will fill up if you’re
swimming for very long. You could cut a wide piece of tunnel out of a spare spray skirt and wear it over the bib to cut down on the amount of water intake. It would be more effective to at least wear a short sleeve paddle jacket that has tight cuffs and a tight waist. But frankly, I don’t recommend using dry pants or a dry bib not properly mated to a dry top. You just can’t imagine the difficulty dealing with your pants full of water.

I got a pair from Sierra also
Arrived at 5 pm and was in a box returned the next morning.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to mate a dry top to it as the neoprene waist area was so small. Maybe I just couldn’t figure it out?

Anyway, not a confidence builder for me so back it went.


I agree on the confidence issue.
I think Palm is assuming that many purchasers are kayakers or c-1 paddlers, who have the extra overlap backup of a sprayskirt tunnel. Those of us using the Palm without such a tunnel may wonder whether the overlap is enough. I think it is, but until I take a violent swim, I won’t know for sure.

Palm Sidewinder Bib
I actually capsized my kayak while wearing the Palm Sidewinder Bibs and stayed completely dry. I was wearing a dry top to go with the Bib, so if you plan on completely submerging yourself in the bib, I would recommend wearing a dry top or a splash top at the very least. I love these bibs!!! Recommend you get Max Wax to lubricate the relief zipper or it will be very hard to unzip. Saved myself money in getting the bib rather than the one piece suit. Gotta love the built in socks too!