Perception swifty vs sunrise 100

have to jump on CL deals
Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that when a great deal shows up on Craigslist you HAVE to jump on it immediately. It is almost always the first person who shows up with cash who gets the boat – you have to be ready to leave work or whatever it takes and get there as soon as the seller will let you show up. I have never succeeded in getting a good deal on a boat by making an appointment for the following weekend.

I was afraid you were not going to snag the Easky – sorry you missed it, but there will be other deals. Just be patient, and be ready to jump.

I was definitely trying to go sooner the women I spoke wanted to wait till saturday.

I’ll keep an eye out maybe I’ll get lucky soon

I’m glad you are now looking at kayaks that have some built in floatation (bulkheads) for paddling on the Hudson. A Swifty type kayak was never made for coastal type conditions that large areas of the Hudson can experience.

As to your whitewater aspirations, technical class II or higher volume class II? If either of these terms is foreign sign up for an intro to whitewater course at Zoar Outdoors in Charlemont, MA using duckies. You will learn a ton of fluid dynamics while having fun and will never look at water the same way again.

Sorry that I don’t have anything in the used/consignment inventory that falls into the price range of what you’re looking for.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Price range
What kind of price range do you have in inventory? I’m really not sure how high I’ll go right now but as a point of reference.

And yes I’ll definitely look into that I definitely wouldn’t do white water with out any introduction

You in the area of Hyde Park, NY?

Stop on by. Mon.-Sat. 10-5 unless I’m on the water teaching or doing a test paddle. 845-229-0595

As to answer your question, the full spectrum $750 (used touring) - $4900 (new-carbon fiber sea kayak)

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.


I’m in Poughkeepsie I’ll stop by at the very lease maybe to get info on classes.

Oh, you’re just 6 miles away.

Things to plug into

Demo Days - about twice a month

Meet up Mondays - laid back paddles

Tuesday Tuneups - Skills Sessions

Workout Wednesdays - not laid back paddles.

If something crops up that fits into your kayak parameters I’ll drop you a line here through PNet.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Becky mantou 13?
What about a Necky mantou 13 for 500.I looked at the Necky easky some here posted but it had a big chuck missing out of the bow and its a tad bigger then What I wanted at the moment .

Necky Manitou 13
Is a good boat. Go for it.

No response
I’m still hoping to hear back but no response to email or text after 2 days it probably sold or its in bad shape as I requested a photo

If your thinking whitewater my suggestion for that as a beginner I would look at the prijon t-canyon, waves port extreme or a wave sport y boat, maybe a dagger response. All made for class 4 and 5 water. All very stable, bulk heads, and really easy to paddle. Just faster than a long boat as far as turning. Just my Indian nickels worth. And their are others out there for sale!