Perception Torrent WW SOT

Here’s what you want

No need to reinvent the wheel.

You may have to install a couple new pad-eyes, or maybe not. Depends on what George did when he had it.

Have this cinched up so it’s kind of tight on your back, have your feet in the footwells such that you can put a bit of pressure against this backrest and still have your knees bent in the thigh straps, and have your thigh straps snug (but not tight). That will have you in a solid connection with the boat, improve your control, and also keep you comfortable.

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Man, they grow ‘em big in Leesburg, huh?
Lol. You and Mike, both bigger than I.

I know a 200 is what I’ll be picking up here soon. The 215 I mentioned would be for my rec’s, one of which is the shorter version of your America. The other a 28" wide Stingray 14. Though I’m looking to sell one or both of those soon and get something around 23"-24" wide by 15-16’ long. Maybe a Cayuga, or one of CD’s designs, though I’ve forgotten which I was looking at. I was sold on a Manitou 14, until I read they track well at the expense of maneuverability. I’m on slow moving rivers most of the time, but they often have a place or two requiring a quick move to avoid an unexpected strainer. Our rivers change after every big storm in the Spring and Summer.


The link just took me
to the top level site…


Ocean Kayak Backrest
That’s what I was linking to.

Thanks for the heads up on the poor link.

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I’m about Mike’s size
The difference being he carries his weight in his chest and shoulders while I carry mine in my gut and thighs. Gives me a nice low center of gravity though. :slight_smile:

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