PFD does not ensure life 100%

Same thing occurred to me …
… since the OP mentions “new paddlers”. It’s early spring, and warm air temps lure folks back on to the water. And every year up here there will be news stories of people dying from hypothermia.

Yesterday driving by a lake on the way to work I saw a guy getting in a canoe to go fishing. The put-in is by the road, so as I drove by I could see he had on a jeans, rubber boots, and one of those puffy vests. First thought: seat cushion, no life jacket. After thinking about that for a few minutes, it occurred to me that the water is around 45 degrees. Once all those heavy cloths become wet, and his boot are full of water, that seat cushion will keep him afloat, but he wouldn’t have the time to get to shore before the water temp got him.

This time of year, any discussion about being safe on the water should include what to wear under that PDA.

cold h20 and PFD
One good thing about wearing a PFD around cold water is that it is a great insulator and can keep vital core organs warmer which delays the onset of hypothermia.


I’m confused
It sounds like an interesting drill, but I’m confused. Are you lying on your back paddling or on your stomach? I have practices “swimming” while using my paddle (lying on my stomach) but haven’t tried doing it while towing my boat.

Yep, you are on your back, paddling
backward using your kayak paddle to propel you.

h2o , mandatory PFD law in MD changed

– Last Updated: Apr-09-11 11:00 PM EST –

...... in regards to age , was 7 yrs. , now 13 yrs. .

The link you provided is outdated info. for MD and may be as well for other states ??

plus Potomac river (piedmont and above) has mandatory PFD law for all users Nov.15-May 15 , "and on certain desinated WW sections year round I believe"

I know your intent was to relate the fines ($$) applicable , but I just wanted to make note of the PFD law info. current in MD waters (you never know where some will aquire their info.)

You are right on!! A PFD won’t save your life, but it will float your body so your next of kin will have something to bury.

I do believe that if we really want to save lives we would require retailers to include the messages from the ACA and Coast Guard on every display and purchase of PFD’s.

Uh OH, I may have stepped on the toes of those that do not want business to be fettered with unnecessary regulation. Sorry

Society pays either way…
Search and rescue - i.e. body recovery on a lake

comes with a price tag as well for those trained personnel