Attn women: Anybody wear the PFDiva? How do you like it?

good concept-didn’t like fit
I thought that this would be the be all end all to my PFD whoas; but unfortunately didn’t like the fit. I’m medium build frame & felt very confined. I actually tried several of the make/models of the Stolquist brand especially made for women & didn’t care for any of them myself.

not comfortable for me
I’m a short-waisted 36D and did not find it comfortable. Felt the same about the much-praised Kokatat MSfit as well. I used a Lotus Lola for years and got tired of feeling squashed and choked by the tight chest and the high-rise front that rode up on my short torso, hitting right under my chin. After trying on every PFD I could find in countless shops it was love at first wearing with the Astral Vee-8. After two seasons using it, I still love it. Feels like wearing no PFD at all. I believe most REI and LL Bean stores stock it if you want to try. It is not “woman specific” but it certainly fits my curves better than any other I have tried. Pockets are lame but I can live with that for so much comfort.

It’s OK
I started wearing a PFDiva while I re-rig the straps on my Extrasport Retroglide rescue vest so they don’t cut into my armpits.

The Diva is a decent Type III PFD once it’s on. Huge armholes, the side straps don’t come anywhere near my armpits. It’s comfortable to wear and has pockets on both sides.

However, I do not get the idea of the extra pads that come with it that you supposedly insert according to cup size. The front is so thick that it’s hard to close the zipper if the two sides are angled even slightly outward. I’m a 36AA and I don’t see how women with larger busts could ever get the dang thing closed even without the inserts. As it is, I had to unsew the ends of the side straps to get them to let out enough to make the front flat so I could zip it.

V-Eight - Astral
I would also say that the V-Eight by Astral has a great W’s Fit… you could also take a look at the New Astral Jacket called the Camino - it’s the Full back version of the V-Eight.

Friendly Fire, I told you wrong…
I said I had a Lotus and didn’t like it… I was having a brain blip. I had an Astral that I didn’t like. It wasn’t the V8… something else, can’t remember. I sold it.

I have heard good things about the Lotus PFD’s And some people swear by the Stohlquists but I tried one on and it was just ok. I do like my Kokatat MsFit Tour, but would like to have an extra PFD (for guests or just because I want a different color… shallow, I know…)

Thanks for your responses, everyone!

fwiw, Patagonia dropped their Lotus
line, including pfds. I am not sure why? You would have to ask them. Sometimes you can find Lotus on close-out at Sierra Trading Post, but any remaining stock of Lotus life jackets is drying up.

It’s really to bad. I really liked their Sea Sherman and Locean vests.