Pictuers of Canoe Paddlle Building

Wisconsin? Isn’t that just a little
north of Asheville?

Very Nice!
I’ve got a Cedar 2X4 that I’ve planning to make a GP paddle with. Looking at what you built has me rethinking this now.


Really nice Darrel.
Great job with the paddles and with the photos.

I may have to build a paddle. Heck, I have a wood shop at my disposal…

Just a few miles north of Ordinary!
Hey String. It’s too damn hot in August to paddle down your way. Bring your rapidfire up to Wisconsin and join us on the Wisconsin River this summer. You can race the guideboat. Come up early and there will be a pre-trip somewhere in the north lake country complete with loon music at no extra charge.

Thanks Vic
I’ll let you know how that line works on Ginny.

Glad you found the pictures useful. I don’t know a thing about kayak paddles, but can offer this. Anytime you laminate wood together, it stiffens and strengthens it relative to a solid board of the same wood species. Since Greenland paddles are generally carved out of a single board, they are bound to have a hint of springyness in them. So if some flex is important and you still want a laminated shaft, the orientation of the laminate boards in the shaft must be parallel to the blades rather than perpendicular.

Thanks Jeff!
I appreciate the comment on the quality of the shots.


I was expecting to see a building made out of canoe paddles