please enter comments on this boat:,77474_ROBSON-MOONSTER-WHITE-WATER-KAYAK.html

I’m looking for something to tank into the pool when my lake freezes over in January.

The entrance tothe pool is a pain for a true sea kayak and FC says no prolonged exposure to chlorine for the Wisper…so i’m thinking a little WW boat because it can easily go around the bend entering the pool.

Thoughts please.



For Pool Practice…
does it really matter if the price is right?

FWIW, it’s a pretty good size and long boat for today’s standard. Looks like you can fit someone pretty large (8’8", 67 gallons) or can be used as a “river runner” and maybe some creeking (? advance skills required)


$336 + $100 shipping
Probably need a skirt too $$

If you are just looking for something for pool rolling you can probably find something used cheaper.

How Many?
HOw many boats do you have now, Robert? Are you planning to start a rental operation, LOL??


TommyC1, thanks for the link
I think surely i’ll find something there…and Mark, who’s counting :slight_smile: though I leave next Thursday to pick up a Strand boat, never been to Connecticut, kinda excited.