portable oxygen

has anyone used portable oxygen containers for recovery during training? I see them for sale, but was wondering if it works, or is just a gimmick.

just what kind of oxygen containers
are you talking about?

And what kind of training?

If you are talking rescusitation you need something capable of delivering 100 percent oxygen.

Home O2 concentrators deliver a different amount of oxygen for chronically ill patients.

Here is a discussion on those


neither is a gimmick

something like this

I am wondering about using something like this for weight training and recovery from racing

As I expected…

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...their site is full of pseudo-scientific BS. I also find it interesting that although they show pictures of people engaged in various sports, they don't actually recommend their device for anything specific; it's all implied. All they do is tell you what it is and what's in the cylinders. It's either a hedge against being sued if someone gets injured or dies while using one or an indication that it's not actually good for anything. Either way, it's not a good sign.

If you're looking for something to use while learning to roll, a time-proven product like the Spare Air system for divers makes a lot more sense, since it allows you to breath normally underwater and it actually works. Of course, it's not $19.95, but you get what you pay for.


not for underwater
there are several companies like the one I posted, and a few claim faster recovery from workouts, etc.

Just wondering what it’s all about.

It’s all about…
…separating you from your money. End of story.

thats kinda what I thought
I’ll see what others have to say, if anything

help with what? low oxygen saturation?
If your o2 sat is low after a workout, I’d guess that’s a medical problem that warrants more attention than some “as seen on tv” gimmick.

I vote bunk. They’re counting on people who think they are soo very x-gamey that the normal 21% oxygen in the atmosphere, that’s ok for all the mere mortals around them, is insufficient for their own super-human achievements.

hemoglobin saturation…
is nearly 100% when breathing atmospheric air at sea level. Even at altitudes well above 1 mile, saturation remains close to 100%. Breathing additional O2 will have no added benefit to you. Save your money. Training is the best way to enhance recovery.

makes sense
Mine was at 99% under moderate stress. It makes sense that one could not take in more than 100%.

Well, I am quite sure the device used is 100% accurate.

PS. The above was tongue in cheek comment, as the number of devices that are 100% is very limited.

the device used is
whatever the thing they clamp on your finger in the doctors office. The doctor did remark that 99 was higher than normal, and most people run around 95.

maybe a get-high gimmick?
Don’t ravers etc use pure oxygen to catch a brief “high”? Maybe this is an attempt to tap that market (whether or not it actually works).

When I studied human physiology in…

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...college, we learned that there are a lot of checks and balances which control how much oxygen will be delivered to the blood from the lungs. The bottom line was that inhaling pure oxygen does NOT increase the rate of recovery, it only slows your rate of breathing while doing so. As someone already pointed out, at normal altitudes, your lungs are fully capable of transferring as much oxygen from the air into your blood that you can use. I imagine that under extreme stress, you could perform better WHILE breathing pure oxygen, judging from the feeling I get when pushing myself to the limit and I can't seem to breath fast enough or deeply enough. But as soon as you stop working and are recovering, breathing pure oxygen can't do a thing for you that you aren't already getting from the air you breathe.

How About some N2O to Go?
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When in NORCAL, look for the red and white ballons tied to the mile marker sign. HA is throwing an open party somewhere nearby.

Pulsoximetry during exercise gets saturations of around 90%, and at rest about 94% in an otherwise healthy person. So no need extra O2. Football players use it on sideline as a placebo–proven fact.


nystrom’s pretty much on the money
Many (not all but NY is one) states require a doctors prescription to even get an oxygen bottle filled.

There are a ton of disclaimers (and having copd but being above the 88% mark, I’ve checked em all out)about geting aircraft oxygen (nee welders oxygen) etc.

The problem comes into play regarding how clean the air is.

The canned oxygen doesn’t provide enough actual oxygen (100-130 breaths)to really do the neccesary good you’re looking for in a recovery.

It might help to clear night vision or inability to read fine print (vision is the first thing to go with low oxygen)but as for rehabing ya…no.