Pre-owned Splash top?

Been doing a bunch of searching and have a few that I’ve been watching, and learning the specs on.
One concern I have is sizing. For example, on NRS’s sizing guide I fit into the “medium” size on everything except height, there I’m a “large”. So if I go w/ one that fits right will it be too short? Or if I get one for my height is it just going to be baggy and be an uncomfortable amount of material under my pfd?

Having always paddled warm water I’ve never had to learn about dry/semi-dry tops before.:roll_eyes:

If between sizes, in any way , always opt for the larger. It will allow layers under it when needed. It is not a fashion show. Should not look tailored. Baggie folds and works. Too small is difficult to get on and difficult to get off.

PFD’s are meant to be adjustable and will accommodate.

I get that, but I’m actually on the line between small and medium other than height. :frowning:

And what damage is repairable verses what should be avoided?
I see ones that have some peeling inside, what’s that? I saw one that looked like the neck was coming unglued? I figure some of those things are repairable but others mean that it should be skipped over. I just don’t have the experience to know which ones.

A little more om termonology.

Splash top means it will keep splash from getting to you. Check out the collar and the sleeve closures, they can do that but would be of no use in keeping water out in a swim.

Dry means it’d keep water out from sleeves and neck in a swim. For that you usually need neoprene or latex at the sleeve and neck.
But - it would let water in at the waist. Hence a dry top is only dry in certain circumstances. Enter a full dry suit or the Kokatat bib system which closes that last gap. Literally.

Peeling inside likely means the waterproof layer is gone.

Neck coming unglued could be a failing neck gasket. Some are reparable and some can be more difficult. What brand?

I have that exact NRS Endurance jacket, it is pretty warm. It does keep me dry and lets me paddle in weather I shouldn’t be paddling in. :- )

I picked up a nice Gortex rain coat a year ago, I prefer it to the NRS Endurance for shoulder season paddling. You see, the front zipper means I can regulate my temperature easily, plus, I can take it off and put it on while in the boat, the NRS is a struggle for me.

The NRS is a great jacket, but I find it has limited use for me.

The Florida opinion…When wet a wind breaker keeps the wind from evaporating the moisture in your clothing after a swim and you are warmer. Florida sun shine if there is any will warm up wet Kayakerr unless they were in too long and got body temp too cold.

A splash jacket , semi dry (they leak), CAG or other will do the same.

Winter is water 50 to 55 degrees. (N fla) Hydroskins work well. But can be difficult when air temps reach 80. It does in January. Might start out at 32 and be 80 by noon. Two piece better than farmer john. Top with zipper and /or not sleeves good. Sun heating often good warming.

Summer …you will sweat .

Used? If it looks like new one inside it might be good. But I’ve never seen one for sale that was usuable for long.

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