Public Beach Access in Maine, New Court Case

Launch from Stonington?


You are unfortunately out of date. Stonington as a launch point is gone. The long time owner of the camp area retired and sold the property last year. There were apparently some gyrations to try and preserve public access which were not successful. The property was purchased by some entity who has probably broken ground on at least one coastal McMansion by now.

The Stonington public launch open as far as I know. And its a much quicker trip to see the seals

My bad. I assumed wrongly about which launch from Stonington area you were talking about.

Colwell Boat Launch? Just looked at it w/Google and satellite view. Do you know how many of the surrounding parking spaces are public use versus controlled by Isle au Haut Boat services? I see a moderate number of car top parking spaces but hard to tell how many are public use.


I am going up to the area tomorrow for about a week-maybe Stonington, Blue Hills, west side of MDI, Lamoine Beach, Seal Harbor, Seal Cove Lamoine to BH. I will take pictures to add to the map on this site.

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That will be great. Thank you!

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We use the Colwell boat launch quite a bit. I actually preferred it over the campground at the quarry. It’s a quicker paddle into Merchant Row and there’s benefits to being in town at the end of a paddle–coffee, food, restrooms, etc…

Free parking is on Bayview Ave–there’s room for about a dozen cars. You can also pay small fee to the Ferry to park in a lot on the northeast side of Seabreeze at the corner of Main st., but we’ve never had to pay for parking to tell you the truth.