QCC 400X

Towels or mats & wind not compatible.
Frustrated me to place them and then have the wind move them before I could load or unload the boat.

I noticed the Walrus Griffin on the Water Walker web site, it’s a new design that would fit you well: 13’11" by 21.75". It’s worth a look, as it is a bona fide sea kayak for smaller paddlers. The outfitting of these boats looks very good (pedals, deck fittings, backband, etc).

Use clips
I haven’t seen anyone do this without somewhat securing the blanket or towel to a rack on the back of the car, and it is advisable to do so anyway because otherwise the boat can move them around as you slide it up.

I have never had wind blow up something like the fleece blanket that I use on the ground. If it is so windy that it could blow that off the ground, I am not sure that paddling is a great idea.

I’d like to try the Griffin.

Thank-You! I’ll check it out.

Kayak trailor
I really don’t have to lift my kayak very far. My boyfriend built me a kayak trailer. It’s awesome and I just have to lift the kayak up about 3 feet or so to put in on the trailer. I also have a kayak cart from LLBean and it works great for when I need to travel a distance to the water. I guess I worry about the weight of the kayak, more than I should.

Me too…
…but I think I’m too big - the Q400 is pretty perfect for me.