QCC 700 vs 600 question

Any QCC owners have or had both boats?

I am curious as to which one you think is the fastest between the two of them.

The weight of the paddler is about 162 pounds



I am faster than my wife
I in my 700, she in her 600. But I am a stronger engine. I weigh 188; she weighs quite a bit less. On a trip one of our friends who is a strong paddler tried both with a GPS. He weighs less than me but more than her and is a stronger engine than me. He got a higher maximum speed in the 700.

the 700
well becouse its 100 more, so it HAS to be faster right? thats why i want the new 900!!

Having never …

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... paddled the 600 and only briefly the 700- of course I don't know. But I can theorize -;)

- Both will have pretty much their full water line length with this weight paddler, the 600 probably using more of its length than the 700. Is it enough to matter one way or another? Don't know.

- The lines of the two boats look very similar to me, with the 700 being a foot longer at the same width and general shape but actually 1/2" lower back deck (a plus, though both are rather high there). The 700 will have a little bit more wetted surface, hence it will be harder to paddle at relaxed pace. It may have somewhat higher top speed with the same effort though, once you pass a certain speed limit. But if you paddle near but below that limit the 600 may have a slight advantage.

The 700 seems a bit "fuller" at the bow and stern than the 600 if the drawings on QCC's web site are accurate representations of the actual construction. Does this matter? No idea...

My thinking has been that if you can't differentiate much b/w two models, go with the smaller one if it fits better, unless you need the capacity for some reason to carry stuff on extended trips. I think b/w the two it would be a toss-up for speed for this paddler with the 600 may be more enjoyable when not racing...

Again - totally unfounded speculation on my part -;)

I’ll find out shortly, since I now have one of each, but was wondering if anyone else being a mid weight has tried both under the same conditions.



Sprint, cruise, race?
What brand of “faster” you talking about?

Technically 700 has higher POTENTIAL top end, but real world few have power or need to tap that most of the time. Power to weight ratio thing, and the ratio of skin to wave drag at the speeds you power will sustain.

You’re a strong paddler, but even at your race pace you’re still getting most of the drag from skin friction. Unless you’re up between 5-6 knots much of the time, where the 700’s longer LWL/wave drag differences come in to play, it wouldn’t surprise me if the 600 with a bit less wetted surface were more efficient for you - and give you better race times (probably me too, but at my weight more boat just feels better - and the extra displacement sinks the 600 a bit more for me which kills some of the skin drag advantage. At your weight you’d get more of a beneficial difference than I would).

Bottom line, I think JackL in a 600 stands a good chance of beating JackL in a 700 in just about any race you enter. Plus, as a non roller - the higher rounded rear deck on the 600 isn’t an issue. :wink:

Surprised you haven’t tried this several times already.

Oh no, not another “rolling string” !
but your thinking is right along with mine at my weight in the QCCs

When Nanci got the 10X, I advertised the 600, (like new) for $1600 here on P-net and got two ridiculous replies, so instead of selling it, I dropped it off at one of my sons who lives near a lake.

The boat never got used, and he just moved, so I picked it back up and now I am QCC rich.

I fully intend on seeing which boat will go faster for me as soon as I can get them both to the local lake.

With the same engine in the same conditions it should be interesting.

I’ll report back as soon as I find out.



Optimal size
Simplest way to look at it is 700 is more boat, and it’s likely that extra isn’t in your favor for majority of your uses.

Math bears it out. Surface area on 600 is less so skin drag should be a bit less and give you a slight bonus. As for wave drag, the 600 has almost 97% of the 700’s hull speed (5.60 vs. 5.42 knots).

If your race pace over 10 miles or so is still around 75-80% of hull speed (like it was in the B&B days) the difference in wave drag will be small indeed, and so at that pace I’d expect no significant difference in speed from that.

For folks who hold paces of 90%, 100%, or even higher percentages of hull speed (and do a lot of downwind runs, milk the waves, etc.) - things change, but for most mortals, less is often more. A 16.41’ LWL could very well turn out to be more of a sweet spot for you than 17.46’.

PS - Seems the 600 is where the new higher performance design was worked out, and 700 is more a derived variant for long distance cruising with more load. Word is John Winters himself prefers the 600 (boat he gets as part of the licensing deal).

I’d like to trim some off mine, but beam and depth rather than length. That goes for boat and body! L

I thought you would’ve compared them
previously when you had them both at home.

I look forward to the results of your coparisons. I’m 5’6" and 155 lbs and haven’t paddled either of those boats, but own a 400X.

I never really thought to since I …
enjoyed the 700 so much from the first day I got it.

Another interesting fact comparing the 600 with the 10:

My wife had the 600 which she always thought was too big for her. -When she got the 10, she took 20 minutes off her best previous time in the Florida B & B race, and since then has done the same in other races where she previously raced the 600.