OK…y’all will think this is a really stupid question (I’m blond, what can I say!!), but, since I’m new here, what is QCC (referenced in a previous message)? I have so much to learn!

Inquiring mind,



It’s a cult thing.
While everybody else just refers to their kayak or paddling their kayak or boat.

Members of the cult say they paddled their QCC.

qcc kayaks
Thanks…they are beautiful boats…just a little out of my price range!!

QCC Cult Recruiting Members Now…

– Last Updated: May-16-06 5:29 AM EST –

it's been quite awhile since we have had one QCC thread after another...

Kim you can help revive the cult, or you can choose not to... There are other cult choices as well. The Brit cult is holding steady. The Go Native club has been picking up steam... The Tempest cult may be waning a bit...

Just kidding. Whatever floats ya on your favorite waters is fine. :)


No one wants them any more !
I tried to sell a 600 in the classifieds here.

I priced it lower than any of the others and I guess it scared potential buyers off.

One person asked “what the condition was?” I replied that “I couldn’t say perfect since that is the way they come from the factory, and this is a two year old boat so I will say excellent”.

I never heard back from them.

Another person wanted to see pictures, so I sent pictures from all angles, etc and never heard back.

A couple of years ago I sold a solo canoe and in the add said that I would only sell it to an advanced paddler.

The first week I turned down two people that wanted to buy it after talking with them and finding out that they were novice paddlers, and sold it to a guy the second week.



I think they’re kind of dumpy
and the price is at the lower end of the range for composite kayaks.

Quality Composites Corporation.

QCC cult
QCC paddlers are passionate about their boats, and it is hard for them to control their enthsiasm at times. They take a bit of kidding about it from other paddlers.

They might be on to something, because I cannot think of any other boat that generates nearly as many postings. Or maybe they just get a discount on their next boat if they can generate a new cultist!!

I like them so much
that I gave the 600 away free this past weekend.

A new cult member has been born!



Cult member supreme
Who did she go to Jack???

used boats
I’ve been trying to sell a glass Chatham18 off and on for a year,no sale, maybe I’ll take $100 off.

My son
He has been paddling a Perception Acadia and a Necky Amaruk which my wife won in a drawing.

The day after I gave it to him he was talking about getting a wing paddle.



I thought that was who it was.
Good for you.

Got my new paddle the other day but haven’t got to use it yet. Oh broke one is in hospital getting repaired.

Will try thursday,

The Reverend Moon is easily outdone…
by your typical PNet QCC, did I say that right: QCC, post’er. They can be found bouncing around the airport turnstiles or similar places of convergence with flowers for sale and love in their hair. I would rate the late Baghwan Sri Rajneesh as similarly deficient. When you put a QCC in the fleet your next job is evangelism.


Customer service!
How can you go wrong if you like the design, they have an unbeatable warranty and customer service plus the quality product and price is reasonable.

Anyone who has tried to contact a real person and get an answer these days from most any mfg buisiness will appreciate QCC.

they’re on my list soon!