Question about Lenape Canoe

I inherited an older model Lenape Chief canoe. It is a light brownish-gray color, 2 seater and weighs about 80 lbs. With the exception of a missing screw on one of the seats, it’s in very good condition. I did some research and found out that the Lenape Canoe Company went out of business in the early 1970’s. They made a lighter weight model after the model I have (shortly before going out of business).

Can anyone give me any information about this canoe, as to the value? I’m thinking about selling it, but am clueless about what I should ask.

Need more data
Length, width, bow height, material, type of seats, does it have a carrying yoke, gunwale material, photos.

All these things help determine value. Especially since little is known about this model.

info on Lenape canoe
I will post photos/dimensions this weekend. I don’t know anything about canoes, so hopefully the answers to the other questions will be obvious from the photos.

Photos can provide many clues
You will learn of these mysterious things Grasshopper. And the mystical people who collect them.

wow…googled Lenape

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and got a page full of dugout canoes. I guess Lenape was an Indian tribe and also a tree. I found this; don't think selling yours is going to get you that dream house. Weight is oftentimes the enemy of price.

I would hope for at best $200
but frankly finding an adoption home might be hard enough.

Medford and Medford Lakes is cottage country to this day. You might list on Craigslist in the Philly area.

Someone there might like a piece of local history and provenance sure helps a sale.

Native American…
…tribe called the Leni-Lenape located in central New Jersey.