Question about the roller loader

I have looked around but can’t find the answer to this question. I have the Aero Hullraisers from Yakima which of course carries the kayaks on their sides in a “j” shaped carrier. I like the roller loader idea, but can you use it to roll the kayak up on it’s side instead of the bottom like most do? I am trying to avoid buying another set of racks for when I am by myself.

Aero Raisers
Someone, please answer. I just bought a set of the same…it’s hard to load alone. I took mine off after loading my boat alone one time.

I know CPR, can I help?
I can actually answer this one. I often carry 3 kayaks on my Yakima rack: 2 17-footers and a 22-foot tandem. I have 2 Malone AutoLoaders, also a “J-type” rack. I place these on the outsides, and a set of Hully rollers in the middle. If needed, I can load all 3 boats alone by running them all onto the roof on the rollers. Once atop the roof, it is easy to flip the boats over and onto the J saddles. The 3rd, middle boat then stays on the rollers. I think you could apply this concept to your situation. Good luck.


J rack problems
I’m short and our Thule J racks gave me problems until we bought the extension bar that slides out of the Thule bar. Think it’s called an Outrigger With it, I could load half a boat at a time and not have to lift the whole thing up and over the lip of the J racks on our Jeep. Well hubby got me a Hullavator for my birthday and it is simply fabulous! All the strapping is done on the ground instead of me having to climb up on a wheel or stand in the seat. Get one if you struggle to load your kayak solo.

Kayak "V"
When I had a Perception Eclipse, I used the Rollerloader to push the kayak onto the Thule saddle on my Pathfinder; it worked well. But when I replaced the Eclipse with a Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 Pro, the wheels on the Rollerloader were too far apart to engage the hull of the Tempest which is a sharper “V” than on the Eclipse, so I gave the Rollerloader to the person to whom I sold the Eclipse. (Test first.)

Alright, well…
I suppose then that I will have to purchase something else other than the aero hullraisers. These mount directly to my factory roof rack so I can’t get the extensions.