Question for everyone

Find the guy in the local club that has
a good sized fleet and befriend him. I tried out several boats the first day out and when I saw one of them that I really enjoyed on sale online, I jumped.

Ended up getting an $850 boat for $5 above dealer cost plus about $70 shipping.

The internet is okay for eliminating boats that have known problems, but when you get the list narrowed down, try some boats.


i bought my 1st boat om a whim ( and some prodding fom a friend over about 3yrs) i had no idea what i was doing other than i was sure i wanted a affordable boat than i could pack things in for trips. ended up with a 15.5 ’ poly boat, cause it was the only used kayak in the paper near what i wanted…since then i have used the internet for research on various things.

but intrent and real world can be 2 different things…lot of things don’t look so gr8 once ya see them on the shelf.

Nothing beats a good demo…
but you can’t demo every possible boat out there. I used the internet more to narrow my choices down and decide more of what I didn’t want. For example, a boat that I might have liked the looks or lines of, upon further research, would prove to be completely out of the question due to weight restrictions, etc. No sense wasting time to track that one down for a demo, etc… Some of the online customers ratings, etc. are also good but take them with a grain of salt…every boat responds a little different to every different body. Keep those comments in mind as a point of reference when demoing but again test them for yourself.

Gonna place ads here at P-NET, or KFS?

Well, I ain’t as old as some of these geezers they got here, but when I FIRST started, there wasn’t an internet, and paddling catalogs really rare, and even paddling shops were pretty few & far between…

…back in '62-'63. But the story is that I, along with a mess of other young’uns, were introduced to the old Grumman tin tanks in Scouts, which is where we got almost all our information, and much of our equipment.


Well, I’ll wager there’s a lot of internet-based research, but there’s also a lot of non-web research, too. Here, most experienced paddlers come to the forum and ask rather specific questions about equipment, while newbies still ask -mostly out of the blue -the age-old ‘what kinda boat should I get?’

And while many old hands will graciously advise said newb on the better path to selection, almost all will end with the ‘try before you buy’ mantra.

While many do not come either here or another internet site, but rather talk to friends, get intro’d by Scouts or other similar active groups, or march into Sports Authority, Dicks, etc., a significant number do take advantage of the net’s resources.

I wonder… do any ever go out and seek out and speak with guides…? ;->

So, the short answer is -a qualified yes, many do start “here”. And it really IS a pretty good place to get some pretty good information on both getting gear, and getting into the sport, so one can


-Frank in Miami

Thanks and please keep posting

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Thanks everyone for the responses so far. Please keep them coming.

I mostly represent the kayak fishing world, and it's always good to hear opinions from other facets of kayaking and canoeing an how they use the internet to get more out of and enjoy the sport.

Before purchasing the first kayak, I started my own research on the web, then requested brochures. Took a kayak lesson at a local shop, liked it and purchased my first kayak from them during a demo boat sale. It was an Ocean Kayak Scupper Classic. She has since been replaced many times over.

I research new and innovative accy's and reviews for them online, and purchase online if there isn't a local retailer that carries the item I want.

This is a guide friend in my new kayak-
Would like to add another camera arm behind the seat, opposite side and rod holders inside the rod pod. Maybe a rudder too.

Hope everyone here is well and good- Weather report today from southwest Florida- Raining with small craft warnings! No bueno for kayaking and fishing.

Had experienced friends -
I was lucky. I have experienced friends (real water rats - canoe guys) who were both knowledgeable AND pointed me to good web sites (e.g., and good dealers (on web and nearby). They’ve been good in giving THEIR opinions, and then pointing to other sources and perspectives. This has enabled me to learn FAST, and have some context of the wider range of doing things.